LPS reef tank - 1 month away from tank

So here is the situation where I need to be away for 1 month from tank for an upcoming work travel to another country.

I had to do it previously where I was away for 5 weeks (same reason). That time I had a 20 gallon tank with neither of the the following: ATO, refugim, chiller, phosoban reactor with NPX Bioplastics or sump). I just had the basics -i.e. skimmer, powerheads, heater, autofeeder on lean side, and T8 light on 4 hr period in a day.

I had someone do a water change for 3~4 gallons but when I came back there was still a lot of lost water due to evaporation. The tank took some hit with glass being dirty and had lost 2 fishes (yellow wrasse and royal Gramma). I think the anemone was the culprit than anything else since the CUC, trubo, fish, anemone, starfish all were okay. The clowns and the 2 anemones had survived and well. Fixing it up was scrape glass and do a water change and get water levels up - nothing else.

This time the tank is more matured and advanced also upgraded to a 37 gallon. The aquarium is moderately stocked: 1 coral beauty, 1 Royal gramma, 1 yellow wrasse, 1 mandarin draogonet and 1 neon dottyback, 1 clown & 3 Blue green chromis. There a some 2~3 zoas, 2 Candy cane, 1 Ricordia

- since then I have added & Upgraded:
UPGRADED: Lights to Eco tech radion and pump to vortech MP10 ES
ADDE: refugim, Phosoban reactor with NPX Bioplastics, sump(10 gallon - with chaeto -size of 4~5 baseballs), chiller and a extra backup with a STC-1000 for heater/chiller controller. I will also add Seachem's phosogaurd, purigen and Chemipure elite to the drain to the sump.

PREP for vacation:
Light: will be set to 5~6 hrs cycle (inlcuding sunrise and seunset)
ATO: 5 gallon (will try replace by a 13 gallon cleaned thrash can
Automatic feeder : on lean side as before
Skimmer: set to dry skI'm as before
Media: replace Chemipure elite, purigen and phosoban

Things I don't have and would have liked to have: powerback up, automation for return pump to turn off on dry, an automatic water change system ()

EXPECTATIONS: I guess I will loose a few fishes and some corals - possibly the Chromis and the draogonet and corals.

It seems I will not be able to get anyone to help with water changes this time. So far dreading it but hoping for the best!!
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that is a great stock but you are overstocked, that combo of fish deserves at least a 50 gallon and it should be more than that.

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