Lowering ph


I was just wondering if I add little bits of vinegar to my declorinated water would than lower my ph? it is presently 8.2 and I would like it to be like 6.8 would vinegar do the trick?


I think it's baking soda or powder. What type of fish do you have. If your fish are fine with it, don't mess with it. You can try some driftwood also to lower it. It's better to keep a stable pH then mess around with trying to keep it lower.


atmmachine is right.. pH shifts can kill fish but if they've developed a tolerance for your pH and the pH is stable, they are probably fine.

I believe peat moss can also lower pH.


Yep driftwood will lower it a bit, but if you buy your fish locally they are probably already adjusted to the ph of your water. You could ask the LFS when you buy them what their Ph is.

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