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I am trying to prep a 75 gal show tank for some discuss and the tap water in the tank has a ph level of 7.8. I am having a problem lowering the ph even with ph regulators. I don't want to have to go out and buy distilled water or reverse osmosis water every time I do a water change. I don't even know what I should use to get the ph levels down in the first place.
please help.
Peat moss is supposed to work I don't know how but it does. rain water does to but it may have some pollutants in it.
I wouldn't mess with trying to change the ph unless you are planning on a breeding tank. Stable ph is much more important than a specific ph. With all the water changes you will probably be doing weekly, you will be grateful on being able to refill the tank directly from your tap. Just acclimate them slowly when you get them home.

I did some research a while back when I was considering a discus tank and found the Simply Discus site. These links came from that site and they are fanatics that are serious about their discus.
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thanks a bunch!
I had a different tanks a while back and I tried adding buffers to the water to lower the ph and my fish kept dying but I didn't know why. Now I know lol.

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