Lowering ph naturally?

So Im setting up my 21gal (80L) for two gouramis, some guppies and kuhli loaches. Everything is going good, I've acquired a good amount of plants, the tank is cycled, the only problem I'm having is my ph of 8. I want to get it down to 7.5 at least. My plan is it do just that with driftwood, catappa leaves and some peat moss. I'm suspecting my oversized filter agitating the water too much is the culprit for my ph spike. I've heard that adding organic compounds to lower ph is not a permanent solution though. So how long would it be before I'd have to replace the leaves & peat again?
Rose of Sharon
I'm not sure about the peat, but I replace my Indian Almond Leaves every 2 to 3 weeks. It helps keep my ph where I need it to be. All three of those together may work well and get you down to that 7.5.
You gotta boil peat, botanicals are a great choice because they let More microfauna exist and they give fish a natural food source and a hiding place make a baffle and if you can make a diy co2 unit to lower ph too

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