Lowering Ph In A 4ft Tank

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    Hi everyone

    I have recently decided that I want to keep blue rams in my 4ft tank. The PH my sits at is 7.6, is this to high for them?

    Anyways I want to lower my PH and I was thinking of using peat moss to do this. How low will peat moss drop my PH to and how much of it do I need? Also how long do I leave it in the tank for?

    If anyone knows anything about this it would help me a lot.
  2. Arades

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    The ph is fine as most fish can ajust to different ph. If you want to lower it you can add some drift wood.
  3. NavigatorBlack

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    You have to go at the roots of the higher pH (which is an okay pH for linebred rams). Always go for the minerals in the water, either via reverse osmosis water, peat treated water (outside the tank) or rainwater. If you just play with acids to lower pH, every weekly water change will undo your progress, and your fish will face constant stress.
    pH is not that important, but hardness is. It generally controls the pH.
  4. Jocelyn Adelman

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    Besides ph and gH, you also need to be concerned about your kH. kH is what prevents your pH from crashing. When altering pH, you need to be sure to maintain a kH of at LEAST 4.
    I used seachem alkaline buffer to raise my kH (hasn't budged the ph in any tanks since I've started using it pH 7.6-8 depending on tank, 7.8 from tap. Many people use this to buffer their kH, and then used acid buffer alongside to lower their pH.
    Peat will work, it needs to be permanently in tank, just again be sure you know your kH and monitor it isn't dropping. If it does, the seachem products are the best bet.

    I also agree with navigator on the water changes possibly causing unwanted swings. Alkaline buffer and acid buffer should prevent this, just keep a close eye for any sudden changes.

    Unless you really need to lower your pH, it's usually best to just leave it as it....
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  5. Sarcasm Included

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    Honestly, I have found that if you absolutely need to have lower PH of any significance you should look into purchasing an RO filter, especially on that size tank. For peat moss your going to need a separate tank to prep water for a couple weeks before moving it to your display tank and the cost will out pace the RO filter.

    You need to figure out if you really need to drop the PH, as NB stated, commonly found LFS Rams will do fine in your tank.
  6. Anders247

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    Your pH is fine.