Lowering and maintaining PH

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    I have a 350 litre indoor pond made by Blagdon called an Affinity Pool

    I'm currently using a ratio of 9 parts tap 1 part RO, however I'm getting a PH of 8.47 according to my Seneye during its peak period, my water hardness is also high at 19 drops using the GH liquid test kit

    My ammonia is 0.025, it was 0.017 but I cleansed the filter this morning in some pond water so it's to be expected and I don't have nitrite so I know my pond is fully cycled

    I've gradually added approx 25 litres of RO over a 24 hour period and was hoping to see a slight drop in PH, I now have another 75 litres which I'm planning to swap out for 75 litres of pond water over a period of a few days

    Is this a good idea or will it cause drastic damage to my filter and cause stress to my 2 fish? The reason for this I am having so many problems with my shubunkin (my other one is fine and is a goldfish) and this shubunkin repeatedly has problems with red bloodied fins, fin shredding, fin rot and has had ich as well which I've always dealt with using Waterlife Protizin, this time round I'm using Waterlife Myxazin and I'm due to put 2/5 dose in this eve as I believe this fish keeps getting stressed and it's immune system is struggling to fight off bacterial infections
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    When you say that your pH is 8.47 at "peak" what is the full range? How low does it get?
    CindiL is better at pH and GH issues, maybe she can help:)
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    Hi, so you want to change out roughly 1/3rd of your water with RO over several days to bring the ph down some? Do you know what your KH is? I am assuming it's high as well but thought I should ask.

    It will end up being less than a full swap of the 75liters since each time you do some you will be getting a mixture of the current water (both tap and RO).

    I think that's fine to do over several days and as long as it doesn't drop substantially your nitrifyers should be ok.