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Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by Asomeone, May 21, 2019.

  1. Asomeone Valued Member Member

    I ran into my lfs today and they had a couple small gallon tanks that really peaked my interest. The girlfriend was with me and wanted me to build her a small, semi self sufficient, mini tank (5 gallons or less). my idea here was to get the seapora rimless 5 gallon tank with a 7w led light. I'd stock it with java moss, moss balls, crypotocoryne, sagittaria subulata, and echinodorus. Thoughts? As far as livestock likely pond snails, cherry shrimp (or the like), maybe a betta? or another tiny fish.

  2. richie.p Well Known Member Member

    Cherry shrimp will do well in five gallons and not be a problem snails on the other hand can become a big problem very fast in a small tank so ide pass them by. A betta would also do very well on it's own again the betta will eat shrimp especially young, giving lots of cover allows for shrimp to hide if needed, so I'd go for ether the shrimp on their own or the betta on its own if you decided to put both in I would favour ammano shrimp over cherries as they grow bigger and can avoid being eaten
  3. Asomeone Valued Member Member

    Well since the tank would be optimally minimal maintenance since the girlfriends lazy. and ammano shrimp getting their food from the water column, I'd be worried about them getting enough food. and water quality.
    I was thinking possibly endlers, embers, scarlet badis, or cardinals

    as far as my experiences, cherries love those water changes and a bit more of water, correct me if im wrong. I've definitely never had them breed in anything under 10 gallons.
  4. richie.p Well Known Member Member

    Then it would be cherry shrimp and cross fingers if you decided on a betta you may get one with a good temperament. Endlers and cardinals should do ok they are a good choice
  5. Asomeone Valued Member Member

    Thank ya, any other input from people with tiny tank experience would be greatly appreciated.
  6. VSA Valued Member Member

    Another route you could go down with a 5g is one of the nano fish species like ember tetras, chilli rasboras, neon green rasboras etc. These could be kept with red cherry shrimp but no guarantees the babies would not be eaten