Low Maintenance Low Light Plants


hey guys,

I’m looking for some low maintenance low light plants to add to my 20 gallon long. Looking for something that will help with the bioload. I don’t have a dedicated plant light, but a hood that allows for 2 leds (I only have one for now). Any help would be great!!


I added this submersible light to my ten gallon (there’s different sizes) I love it! And it’s cheap....I have anubias, water sprite, java fern, hornwort and some moss balls...all thriving, but I also dose once a week with flourish. Hope this helps.
Tingkam 40CM Aquarium Fish Tank Waterproof fixtures aquarium lighting - with soft suction cups (White)


Cryptocoryne Balansae is what I have in my 55...it's pretty low tech, They'll grow tall, provide that your fish doesn't take a bite out of it.

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