Low light aquarium plants?

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I am setting up a 55 gallon aquarium and I was looking for low light plants I need ideas and the plant geek website is not much help. so any ideas are welcome. thank you.
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HI frogster...I use this link when buying my plants

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cool websitebut is that all of the lowlight aquarium plants that I could get? and I bought a chain sword, the store person said it was low light, is it?
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Chain swords are not really low light plants. They may survive for a time at lower light levels but won't grow much. You have less than 1 watt per gallon, so the only plants that will do well are the ones Shawnie linked to you.

Pet store employees aren't usually the best source of advice.
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Plant Geek not a lot of help? They separate their plants by lighting requirements. What more could a person need?

Anyway, the only ones that I would suggest for less than a watt a gallon would be Java fern and moss.
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I can't find java anything locally and my parents won't let me order anything unless its from a major company and I can't afford to pay for any of the major companies prices.
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I do not have a lot of experience here but I can tell you that I have had no trouble getting Water Wisteria and Hornwort to grow in my low light level tank. I have not done anything special for either plant and both seem to be thriving in my tank quite nicely.
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Java fern I hear is a subdued light plant.
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o I have wisteria it grows ok it only grows on the very top of the plant. I also have anubias nana its doing great. I also have wat I believe to be some sort of val not sure though and its doing great it has runners on half of the back glass
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Yeah, I definitely wouldn't pay the major corporation prices unless you're setting up a huge tank. As much as I love Drs Foster and Smith, it's just not worth their livestock shipping prices unless you're getting a couple hundred dollars worth of stuff.
I can kind of understand where your parents are coming from coming from on this matter, though I think that Aquabid and eBay, because of their built-in security for buyers, not to mention similar security that the credit card companies have, are extremely safe.
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my parents aren't worried about that they are worried that the person who sells it to me is going to stalk me or something whatever ill just have to find a few species that I like and then try to get the pet store to order it for me. would this work? how could I increase wpg without buying a whole new canopy? and will red or blue lights promote growth during the night?
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I am looking for a threed that has low light plants info and pics. can anyone post a link to it please?
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It is not a thread here, but it has the information you are asking for:

Good Luck
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got it thank you
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Hello Carols. I've seen quiet a few posts stating that Java Moss and Java Fern are good low light plants to keep. Have a good day today!
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These are all low light plants

The Plantgeek link is also an excellent one.
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This is excellent!! I learned a lot and the pic's made it perfectly clear. Thank you so much!!
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This is excellent!! I learned a lot and the pic's made it perfectly clear. Thank you so much!!
glad you enjoyed it
Chicken farmer
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Someone on CL is giving me a bag of aquarium plant clipings I am going to put some in my 5 gallon and the others in my 29 or 55 if I get a 55. My 29 is not quite ready so would it be okay to put them in a 5 gallon bucket for a couple of weeks? I have no idea what kind they are.

Also, what do I do to sanatize them?

What about fertilizing? How often what to use where to put it?

Do I stick them down into the gravel?

I have really no idea about taking care of aquarium plants so any advice would be appreciated. Thx
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depending on what type of plants they are, they might be ok. If they are true low-light plants, then yes. What do u mean by sanitizing them? as in making sure there are no snail eggs? U can do that by bathing them in table salt for half an hour. Ferts won't be an issue if they are low-light plants, although u can use seachem flourish (comprehensive). Most plants need to be stuck in the gravel, although certain Rhizomes don't need to be.

Hope this helps
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I don't have it setup yet. I have been looking for a stand.

If I were to seachem them, where do I buy the stuff? Like would they have it in the aquarium stores or do I buy it online? What brand? A link would be great thx.

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Whether you put them into the gravel or not depends on the plant, java fern is best attached to a rock or log whereas crypts/anacharis / wysteria all need to be planted into the gravel. that's all the low light plants I keep so is all I really know. they are very easy really, just drop them in there and leave them alone and you should be ok.

I am unsure about the seachem treatment so hopefully someone else will be able to highlight information on that.

On a side note, folks on here are not always reading all of the posts all of the time. Becoming rude and angry will not cause anyone to answer your questions any quicker, most likely it will cause folks to move on and ignore your post.
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I have seen Seachem ferts at PetsMart...
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I agree with Backflipfronflip here... In Australia, we are in a completely different time zone and being rude won't give you more posts.

The seachem treatment? I'm not sure what you mean... Table salt and water will do the trick. Sachem make flourish if that's what you mean.
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I have a 29 gallon aquarium I am planting it and what are some good plants that can live in low light conditions I have a 17 watt zoo med ultra Sun fluorescent bulb
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ive heard that any crypt usually grows well in low light
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that's very low light so nothing is a guarantee. some to try would be anubias, java moss/fern, crypt's would be best bet. you can also try dwarf sag, water spite or Anacharis.
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I will be using ferts so that should help those are the plant's I will buy I have heard that lights only make them grow faster or slower. what could I do for more wattage
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here is a great article on growing plants.


that's not true about the lights, kinda true. if the light is to low some plants will just die. the only way to get more light is to upgrade to a diff ballast. here would be a good choice.
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there is lots of T5 Ho fixtures with tons of options (built in timer moon lights )on ebay / amazon for better prices with free shipping
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thanks guys I am only going buy low light plants today and keep saving money so I can buy the fixture bankruptjojo gave me a link to
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I just planted my tank last night and I currently have wisteria, crypt wenditii, lemon bacopa, anubius nana, java fern narrow leaf and java fern lacy and apongenton bulbs.
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sounds good just make sure to remove any dying plants as they can cause ammonia as they decay. good luck I hope they all grow well for you.
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tanks I have 70 bucks so hopefully I can buy the light fixture
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Some of those plants may not make it. Could you swing a basic desk lamp and add a daylight CFL bulb? For around $20 you could have enough light for your plants.

Using ferts with so little light will not be of much value. With too little light, will plants not be able to grow or take in nutrients. Too many unused nutrients and you end up with algae.

IME lighting is the primary reason for plant failure.
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well I think I will convince my grandmother to let me buy the light fixture bankruptjojo showed me so right why I need more light so she won't think I just want something because I spent 50 dollars worth of plants and I don't want to lose them

I have enough money saved to buy it myself
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I have that fixture and it works fine. I have it on my 125g lol. its growing some crypts on a 24in high tank. it will deff be better than what you have.
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could you say what could happen if I don't buy that fixture

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