Love Powered Water Changes

  1. LadderLogicLloyd

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    IMG_0063.JPG I just finished a water change this morning. I have slacked on changes before but with this group of fish I am sticking to my routine. Clarity, cleanliness, fish health, and just overall awesomeness are off the charts because of water changes.

    I have a 125 gallon tank with a Fluval Fx5 running it. I know my turnover is maybe a little bit low but so far judging by fish health things look good.

    I use Seachem prime and stability, and I have a good supply of ParaGaurd for adding new fish and for in my QT tank, if I need it, I have a small 10 or so empty on standby with a little HOB all set for it, and I have filter media hanging in my sump flow in the 125 ready to rock and roll if it would come in handy in the QT.

    I use a small pond pump and a utility clip to hang the pump in the tank at the level I want to drain to, run the line to the sink plug it in and I go chill while the pump does the work. To fill I move the pump in to the sink, turn on the tap to set the temp, let the sink fill, then plug it in and relax while it fills. I opted for a small pump that has a little more flow than my tap so I do have to turn the pump off once or twice to let the tap catch up but I can deal with that. So easy. I made a cheat sheet for my additives, shows dose in 1 mL amount, and I have hidden marks on the tank for my common water change amounts. Easy peezy!

    I do 40 gallons every 3 weeks, and every third change is an 80 gallon refresh. I have never had my fish game so together. It feels good to see the fish doing so well!

    Just wanted to share the benefits of water changes, get an easy way to do it and you'll be swapping water easy in no time!

    Does my water change amount seem good?? Should I stick to my program or change it??

    Ps. The swords are in bad shape, they will be coming out next water change.
  2. el337

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    Personally, I like weekly water changes. If you're seeing changes already with your current schedule, you'd knock it out of the park with maintenance done weekly! :)