Love My New Background Light

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by CCinBama, May 23, 2019.

  1. CCinBama Valued Member Member

    Just wanted to share my latest joy. Came across Current USA’s new Serene LED light package. They market a full package containing the top light bar, a background and light, and speakers. (This is the link to their site so you can see it in action.:  ). I was quite intrigued by the changing colors, but didn’t really have the need for the speakers and ambient noise, nor did I want to pay almost $300 for the set up.
    Much to my delight, I found the background/background light only kit on Amazon for just $65. Took five minutes to install and I love it! It can be set to several different preset color options or cycles, or I can save 3 custom settings. I just upgraded one tank from a 36” to 48” long and was dreading having to buy a new light bar. The one I have has brackets that can extend to 48”, but I worried it wouldn’t be enough light. With the added background light, it’s more than enough. Only downside is I have two remotes but that’s a small price to pay for how amazing it looks. Tried to upload a video of my tank with it going through the colors, but the file is too large. The link above shows it in action. Absolutely love this and now hate the backgrounds on my other tank LOL
  2. TheBettaSushi Well Known Member Member

    I was just looking at their serene light kits the other day!!! I was going to get it but decided not to because for the price, I’d expect the speakers to have Bluetooth capabilities. However, I do like the fact that you can purchase the backlight and background film by itself. Glad you posted this... now I feel like it’s definitely worth the buy. Thanks!!
  3. Jack B Nimble Valued Member Member

    This is nice if you have the money ( don't even know the price but looking at the website I can assume) but, I would just order strip of led lights that come with a remote for RGB for 5 bucks off Aliexpress or Amazon. They will do pretty much exactly same thing. I have a few around house I may stick back there and post result. For sound I just ask Alexa to play distant thunderstorm or whatever I want.