Love is in the air, er...water

  1. Aquaphobia

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    So all this time I've thought I had only male Mystery snails until I brought the golden Shoechaser home. One of my purples immediately glommed onto her and they're together more often than they're apart! I wondered why the other purple wasn't interested and tonight I found out that it's because she's a girl! Why the other purple never took any notice of her in the months previously I don't understand but now he has and I'm expecting even more eggs! I really do think it was the addition of crushed oyster shells that triggered this;D
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  3. xxbyamomentx

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    Yay! :D I hope you get all the snail babies your heart desires!

    You could really be on to something with the oyster shells causing all the mating...the day I added extra calcium powder to my tank was the first time I ever had eggs, and now I've got three clutches. They know when they're happy!