Loud Biofilter

  1. k

    kelsangdol Valued Member Member

    I have two filters in my tank right now with no goldfish in it...yet.
    My canister filter is pretty quiet but my bio filter is REALLY loud.
    Is it okay to turn off the bio filter at night and turn it on the morning?
    I'm going to put maybe put some fancy goldfish on Sunday with tetra safestart...could turning off the filter harm them? :;dk
    Thanks in advance!
  2. iloveengl

    iloveengl Well Known Member Member

    I'd be worried that if the filter goes off, the media will dry, and the healthy bacteria will dry out.

    I just moved my 55 from the bedroom to the second room, so I completely understand what you mean about noise. Just the waterfall sound is too loud for me to sleep. I hope you find a good solution!
  3. OP

    kelsangdol Valued Member Member

    I will have the canister going on though, will the bacteria maybe regenerate back the next day?
  4. Goldwing_Don

    Goldwing_Don Well Known Member Member

    you will not be happy in the end.. there will be a sulfar smell. and would more then likey kill your fish..if it bothers you that much your better off removing it all together..jmho
  5. OP

    kelsangdol Valued Member Member

    Okay, I'll just leave them both on then.
    Is there anyway to quiet it down?
    It's a imagine Gold biofilter for 75 gallons
  6. Meenu

    Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    I think leaving them both is a good idea. The new bacteria would not be able to seed daily, and you'd be left with either an ineffective filter or unsteady water parameters.
    What is making the noise? Something mechanical or the water splashing? Raising the level of water in the tank may help if that's the problem.
  7. OP

    kelsangdol Valued Member Member

    I think it's the inside of the filter..the water gets sucked up by this tube and it goes through these bio pads then the water flows back in the tank.
  8. ccb04

    ccb04 Well Known Member Member

    You seem to be describing the Imagine Gold HOB power filter.

    If you're running the Imagine Gold HOB in addition to a canister filter that's properly sized for your tank and contains biological filter media ... you should be just fine in removing the HOB filter ... as the canister filter as well as all surfaces in your tank, will harbor beneficial bacteria.

    If you're going to use Tetra Safe Start ... simply remove the HOB Imagine Gold before adding it. Again, the beneficial bacteria will colonize your subtrate, decor, canister filter media, etc.

    Then, if you wanted additional filtration ... you could simply add another filter that is quieter down the road. All you'd have to do is install it, and within weeks it would be seeded with beneficial bacteria as well.

    As far as the noise with the Imagine Gold HOB ... it could be the impeller. Or, if it's a 'sucking' sound ... it could be the built-in surface skimmer adding to the noise.

    Best of luck ... and Happy Holidays to everyone.