Lots of videos... Freshwater. Tetras, Barbs, Guppies, Crayfish, etc, etc...

  1. Tim Wheatley Initiate Member

  2. Chris123 Well Known Member Member

    Dude your tanks look awesome:jawdrop:

    Thanks for sharing :)
  3. David C Well Known Member Member

    I gotta know, what kind of sand are you using in that crayfish tank. It looks awesome, really natural.

  4. Tim Wheatley Initiate Member

    Thanks guys. I uploaded more overnight.

    The sand is Quikrete Premium Play Sand. 50lbs was $3.50 from Home Depot.

    Compare that to the pet store cost and I saved myself around $200 buying two bags from there instead of from the LFS. I have the same sand in 3 tanks.

    My method for using it was to put the sand in the tank, fill it with water and turn on the filters overnight. Most of the cloudiness was gone. I then did a water change to 90% the next day (which took a huge amount of the floating particles which wouldn't go in the filter out), filled it up again and left the filter on overnight again.

    Next morning, perfectly clear. Every piece of light sand was gone. Just had to clean the sand out of the filter (I've never had sand damage an impeller, but if it does, buy a replacement).
  5. Tim Wheatley Initiate Member

    I also use blue gift wrapping paper for the back of the tank (black card on the brackish). That cost $0.99 or so instead of the stupid prices they ask for proper tank decorative backing prints.