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  1. Dang Well Known Member Member

    I just updated my profile info so its correct. My cousin gave me a 40 gallon hexagon aquarium that I'd like to transfer the 20 gallon stuff into it. Few questions though, first I just got it into my house and it has a smoke smell, he used to have it in his garage and I'm sure a lot of smoking went on in there, will that negatively effect fish or anything I have in it? Second, It has a lot of water spots and runs on it, its not hard water that can easily be scrapped off with a razor because I did that, I put vinegar on it for an hour and scrubbed and rinsed and its still there, I can't think of anything else that would do the trick, is it possible its just stained on there and can't get it off?
    Thirdly what can I put in it? I'd like to put slightly more advanced fish in it, like chiclids maybe, rams or angels? I'm holding onto the pleco for sure and I like the tetras but can get rid of them, the betta as well. I think what I'll end up doing tho is just holding onto the stock for a while and not messing with any new fish. I used to do mollies/guppies/danios, then I went to betta with neon tetras, I'm just ready for something new and different.
    Hopefully I covered the details.

    I haven't taken any pictures of the water spots I didnt think I needed to but if you want to see them i can upload some.

  2. Siggi Well Known Member Member

    The smell will be from the tar that sticks to the surfaces where tobacco is smoked. Although not very rich in nicotine, I would still count it as 'toxic'. I expect it to be mostly carbohydrates, thus solvable in alcohol. Give it a good washing (beware of the evaporation - ventilate!) and leave it a day. Then see if the smell vanished - if not, better not use the tank...

    The stains should get off with some acid solution - get a small bottle at a drugstore.

    Your stocking is a matter of personal taste, but with a 40G, you can afford to have a centerpiece fish. Once it's fully cycled, you could get a pair of dwarfcichlids and add a little on your tetras - increase the amount of the sams species; these fish like to be in company of their own kind, the more the happier they are...
    Angels are schooling fish and need heavily planted tanks to feel comfortable.

  3. Dang Well Known Member Member

    So scrub it with alcohol to get the smell away and make it safe?

  4. psalm18.2 Fishlore Legend Member

    Or bleach or vinegar and baking soda.

  5. Dang Well Known Member Member

    I really want to do chiclids, I've been looking at them on this site and at petsmart. I don't need a lot of fish. If neon tetras will get along with the cichlids i can add to them, i currently have 5. I also have a small pleco, not common, he would be ok with the cichlids? And we are talking stricly 2 cichlids, or I can do no more then say 5?

    I'm not sure what to do about the scape, I know cichlids like rocks and caves. I'm not doing live plants. Flower pots work right? What kind of rocks? And for the bottom i just have a thin layer of black aquarium rocks, smaller then the average pinky nail.

  6. Gordinian Well Known Member Member

    What kinds of cichlids are you thinking? Dwarfs right? In a 40 gallon, you could do a pair of GBRs, apistos, or even kribs (if you chose these, you may have to rehome the betta). You could also do a trio of bolivian rams (I pair might be better, I've been hearing conflicting information, but I've always thought a group was better).

    I don't think angels are stricktly schoolers. I've heard of many members keeping a pair in a community tank.

    Then you could up the neon school to 8 or so (unless you get angels, they'll eat neons), and add another school of tetras/barbs and a school of cories/ottos :)
  7. Dang Well Known Member Member

    Sorry im brand new to cichlids, by gbr Kribs and apistos are those a specific fish or a group? Also by a pair does that mean one female one male or just 2 fish?

    When I'm done it should be the best tank Ive ever owned so I'm super excited I hope it all works out.

    What about decor?
  8. escapay Well Known Member Member

    Pair means one male and one female. GBR (German Blue Ram) is a specific fish, Apistos are multiple different species. I don't remember whether their are different species of Krib or whether they are the same but with variety of colors.
  9. FishGuy101 Valued Member Member

    I'd do angels which are also a breed of cichlids but be careful if 2 pair up I'd have to remove the rest
  10. Dang Well Known Member Member

    I found a Craigslist deal he has rocks that I haven't seen yet but he's giving away an electric yellow cichlid
  11. Gordinian Well Known Member Member

    If you plan to do dwarf cichids, you should stay away from mbuna species. Also, cichlids like GBRs, apistos...etc don't need rocks like mbuna do, they'd be fine with live plants and anything else you'd have in a community tank.
  12. Dang Well Known Member Member

    I ended up taking that deal so I have cool rock and one yellow lab cichlid, he's very nice and colorful. can I put my little pleco in with them with a couple other cichlids? The yellow is in there by him self right now. I have to break my 20 gallon down tomorrow, I just want to keep the pleco I'll probably give the other fish away.
  13. JDcichlidlover Well Known Member Member

    electric yellow cichlids are mbuna. just figured you'd want to know. I would rehome it, otherwise you will grow to hate it. they need a african mbuna only tank. and thats a minumum of 55 gallons. You will grow to hate him because he will get so territorial that you'll probably lose most of your fish to him.

    you're pleco would love to go in the 40 gallon :) try to stock around him if thats the one you are attached to.
    Good Luck :)
  14. Dang Well Known Member Member

    ahhh, well he was getting rid of him so he just gave him to me since I was buying the rocks. What other cichlids can i do with the lava rock? Their big pieces and form caves and such.
  15. JDcichlidlover Well Known Member Member

    Rams, apistos, those are both good ideas posted by dolphin. You could do shelldwellers like Ziggi. Birchardi are also pretty fish. but none of these fish will fit with the lab. not even your pleco. it won't have the space and environment that he needs.
  16. Dang Well Known Member Member

    so what would you do with a 40 gallon tank and lava rock? Cause i keep going back and forth haha and I keep getting confused. I dont need a lot of fish in there just a few fish even, or whatever is best. I dont mind getting rid of the yellow lab, hes been attacking the glass all morning so hes not happy.
    rams are german blue rams? I like the looks of those, i could put tetras with them? I dont want live plants tho because I struggled with them, I just want rock I like it.
  17. marine590622 Well Known Member Member

    First of all remember he said this is a hex tank so even though it has a 40 gallon capacity it has less surface area for gas exchange. I good practice would be to stock this as if it were a 29 not a forty.

    Thad said Kribs is a common name for a genus of fish, Pelvachromis specificaly, I don't remember of the top of my head how many species are in the genus but I would agree a pair or two would work well here.

    As far as live plants, the lava rock works really well with anubia and fern plants, both are low light plants that you tie off to rock or wood. They are root feeders but feed directly from the water column. I know you said you did not want live plants but these are really easy plants and your fish will benifit from them for the most part. Victorian, and Malawain cichlids are notorious for being hard on plants some of them will even kill off Anubia which is hard to do as Anubia has a hard thick leaf, but if you go with west african or south american cichlids you could do the anubia tied off to the lava rock. Hope that helps.
  18. Dang Well Known Member Member

    Cool I have a couple Anubis I can clean up and put in there. I googled Kribs I like them, if I can find them ill do a couple of those and what else can I put in there?
    I wouldn't mind having a 55 gallon tank but this tank was free and finding a descent deal on Craigslist for a 55 gallon and getting rid of this one is a good option for me but not the wife haha
  19. marine590622 Well Known Member Member

    Pelvachromis are pretty much a staple so you should be able to find them at your lfs. If you don't find them locally, I have a friend in the area here who has them available

      But you would need to wait on a break in the weather before he could ship I think.

    (darn cold here in Wi right now.) What else can you put in there fish wise? Corries, or loaches.
  20. Dang Well Known Member Member

    Any like schooling fish or anything besides a couple Kribs? Is that a specific fish or is Kribs like a tetra but there's different kinds of tetras? There's a couple local fish stores very close to me that I should be able to get them. I feel bad for the yellow lab tho, ill just have to make sure he goes to a suitable tank.