Lots Of Questions!

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    Over It Well Known Member Member

    I have lots of questions and could use some guidance.

    I need to know if I am over stocked in 3 of my tanks

    First is my 29 gal.
    3 Dwarf Gourami's
    1 Platy
    15 Pygmy Corydoras
    6 Sterbai Corydoras
    4 Lamb Chop Rasboras
    Live Plants-Anancharis, 2 Anubias, 2 Java Ferns and Bleheri.

    I want to add 2-4 more Lamb Chops, but I can return them if I am overstocked.
    Yes I know it is not recommended to have 3 male Dwarf Gourami's in the same tank. If they fight I will remove 2. For now they are doing great.

    Second is my 10 gal.
    2 Honey Gourami's
    5 Purple Mystery Snails
    1 Rabbit Snail
    8 Amano Shrimp.
    Live Plants- 3 Java Ferns and 6 Marimo Moss Balls.

    Third is my 5.5 gal.
    4 Blue Mystery Snails
    5 baby Purple Mystery Snails.
    Live Plants- Anacharis, Micro Sword, Anubias, Frogbit and Marimo Moss balls.

    I'm wanting to know how many snails I can have in this tank and the 10 gal.

    My plan is if the Dwarf Gourami's start to fight I will return 2 and move the other one to my 10 gal and move the Honey Gourami's to the 29 gal and get one more Honey.

    That brings me to my last question. If I add 3 Honey Gourami's to the 29 gal. would I be over stocked with the Lamb Chops as well?
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    I've been thinking about it and I decided to take back 2 of the Dwarf Gourami's. I'd hate for a fight to break out when I am not around and some serious damage to be done. I'd feel terrible.

    So if I were to move my Male Dwarf Gourami to the 10 gal and move the 2 Honey Gourami's to the 29 gal how would my stocking be? Could I add more Lamb Chops to the 29 and 1 more Honey or would I still be overstocked?