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So, I'm considering building a pond!
I've always wanted one and just now am getting the funds and property to build a proper pond. Still, I have questions.
First, does this pond liner/kit look good?

Would I need to change any part of the kit? Add anything (other than water and fish)?
As for plants, I can just dump some plants from my other tanks, right?
As for the inhabitants,
I'd like to do a mix of koi, common goldfish and possibly shuberkins. How many of each could I safely have?
I already have a smallish grow out tank devoted to growing out baby commons if/ when they come. I'm planning on feeding 3 times a day then siphoning right after so that hopefully they put on some weight. As for temperature, what would you recommend for the fastest growth?
Thanks in advance.
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The link isn't working for me. If it doesn't have a filter then you'll need a good one.

Some plants don't do so well in ponds. Stuff like duckweed and elodea is good. Also keep in mind goldfish and koi eat quite a lot of plants.

I don't think 1200 gallons is bug enough for koi. I have a 1600 gallon pond and I wouldn't put a koi in it. You could have around 25 goldfish in it.

I'd say up to 68f

I'd really recommend putting some kind of strong fine mesh over the pond. It stops predators, stops small children (and stupid cats in my case) from falling in and stops leaves falling in.

Also one of my main bits of advice is to stock really slowly. You can see when the pond starts to look full and see how big the goldfish get before adding more. Obviously not everyone likes to do this but I much prefer stocking ponds thus way.
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The same product from a different vendor.
Really? I was under the impression that koi could live in a 1,000 gallon aquarium. That's super interesting. I guess you learn something new every day. Where I live, the birds think it's too hot to even try to live. But I'll make sure to have cover for the goldies.
Ps. I LOVE stocking a tank slow. It's super amazing to watch them grow and develop. As for common goldfish can they be kept with goldfish that aren't shuberkins or commons?
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Yes. I have commons, comets, London shubunkins, japanese/American shubunkins and 1 Bristol shubunkin in my 1600 gallon. (My 200 gallon has a ranchu and a fantail but that's irrelevant)
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Many reccomend for koi to be 1000g each fish....

As for pond goldies, would reccomend also looking into wakins and Tamasaba goldies, they not your usual pond goldie, but do extremely well in ponds.
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Doesn't look like that kit contains a filter. Might want to grab one big enough. That pump does have a very small filter built in but they are useless. You'l be able to remove that front portion of the the pump and connect a bigger filter.
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I’d honestly say wait and save up more money, a proper pond runs exactly like our fish tanks ! You need underlayment to protect your pond liner , along with a filter of some sort and skimmer. Aquascape sells pond kits that are way more pricey but they are the most professional and knowledgeable pond company in the world. Everything is down to a science and your fish stay healthier and your water quality is 100 times better. Basically the waterfall that you will build for your pond acts as the housing for your beneficial bacteria. At the opposite end is a pond skimmer that acts like a pool skimmer would sucking in debris like leaf matter and what not. This skimmer houses your pump which feeds water back to your waterfalls. The skimmer is easily accessed and Extremely easy to maintain. That pond kit you are thinking of getting will be more of a nightmare than a pleasure I promise you. Aquascape ponds are an official ecosystem and because of that there is lil to no maintenance at all.

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