Lots of goldfish pond deaths


Hi everyone. So to start, this pond is not mine. It is at an apartment complex outside my neighborhood that I ride my bike in. I had some high quality goldfish food I fed to some fish at another pond in a park (I feel bad for the little guys all they ever get from people is stale bread) and I thought why not see if the few fish that were there when I was a little kid are still there. Well I saw about 3-4 fish the one time I looked when I was little. I rode my bike over and there was just tons of dead goldfish in the muck and sticks on the bank. Who knows how many more farther out into the pond. I live in NYS so the pond will freeze but I don’t think it would have frozen over completely. Even then how would fish in other ponds still be around if the cold was to blame? The population went up from 3-4 fish a few years ago to high double digits of dead fish visible on the bank. That mean they would have had to reproduce, and if the ice was the cause then those fish would have died years ago. I tested the water with my API freshwater master test kit and the parameters were
0.25ppm Ammonia - 0ppm Nitrite - 0 ppm Nitrate
The little ammonia and no Nitr-anything was confusing at first but now that I’m thinking more it makes sense because beneficial bacteria is going to need some time to recolonize and grow back from winter. I am not a pond expert at all, I have a little under 2 years of experience in the hobby and have never specifically learned about ponds so I could be missing some variables here. It just seems odd and I want figure out what’s going on because I am always asking questions, but also I want to help the rest if there are any fish still alive in there. Anyone have an explanation or any ideas?


I don’t have the answer you are looking for.
I do have a video of the natural world in the Amazon river and how the cycle of wet and dry brings death to thousands of creatures every year.
It is sad to see these things Sofiafish17 but it’s why goldfish have spawns of many hundreds of offspring many times each year.

A long video I admit. But worth it to see the Amazon river in its natural state of red in tooth and claw.


it sounds like they over produced and either some starved or there was a lack of oxygen. its like when deer over populate and there isn't enough food during the fall/winter (and not enough predators, wolves, human hunters, etc) and some of them starve to death.

the .25ppm ammonia could be an error on the test, or it could just be from all the dead goldfish, and the bacteria isn't quite able to consume that huge spike in ammonia.

are there a lot of plants in the pond?
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Umm the water is pretty murky but there are some trees growing into the pond and banks, LOTS of plants growing on the banks and some in the water too. Overall nothing special but yes there are some, maybe not a lot though.

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