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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Candace, Jun 18, 2019.

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    Hello I was wondering what some good trustworthy websites to buy Betta fish are (currently on a site called coastgemusa.com)? I really don’t want to buy from a large chain pet store like Petco or Petsmart just due to the way they are packaged and not knowing how long they were in that small container, there are no stores that focus on fish near me. I’ve got some time as I pick decor for my 10 gallon (plants and objects for the Betta to explore, if you’ve got good ideas for decor go ahead and let me know, I want him to be happy!). Anyhoo, also what are good tank mates if any for a 10 gallon with one male Betta, don’t want anyone to be stressed or fight.
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    Maybe space city fish and coral or that pet place

    And as for tank mates in a ten gallon maybe Pygmy Cory’s, African dwarf frogs, ghost shrimp, snails, maybe harlequin rasboras, and freshwater stiphon gobies.

    Hope this helps!

    P.S. don’t put all of these together! Pick some you might like that will go well with your Betta!

    Also maybe driftwood and live plants if you’re up to it, or possibly a more synthetic tank, Bettas are very hardy. You give them a place to hide a some plants live or fake, and maybe some nice decoration pieces and a Betta leaf for them to rest on.

    Oh forgot to say not all of those together!
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    Go with live plants or silk plants, plastic ones can rip their fins since they like to rest.
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    Places to get bettas really depends on your budget and if shipping is an option. Keep in mind shipping usually runs $15+ and bettas from breeders are usually $20 or more as well. Now the quality in my opinion is worth it but just keep in mind that you very well could end up paying $50 for a betta.

    As far as tank mates I just wanted to bring up that not all bettas tolerate friends. If that happens you'll have to separate them, are you willing to have two tanks? Personally I'd divide a 10 gallon and get two bettas with maybe a couple shrimp as a clean up crew
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    I have noticed that the betta's from breeders are on the pricier side but I agree with you, in it seems worth it. My main concern about a divider is (because most of them are netting which is see through) stress or aggression between the males, what are the chances the divider will hold up if they try to fight, even if they don't fight will they still be stressed out? I would LOVE to have 2 betta's but not at the risk of stressing them out or compromising their health. I'm game for trying I'm just going to try and do some research. But you're right it may be safer to do only 1 Betta with no tank mates.
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    You can get solid dividers so they can't see each other. They usually have small slits and holes for circulation but not big enough for a fish to get through. Even the net dividers are usually a metal net so I wouldn't worry about them getting each other through it. Personally if/when I divide a 10 for bettas I plan to get one of the solid black or white dividers to avoid the stress. Some flaring is actually healthy for them but all the time can be stressful for them.

    I think I found the solid dividers on ebay if I remember right.