Lost One Apisto And Now Another Doesn't Look So Great...


I have something going on in my tank and I can't nail it down... Here is a link to the s of the two Apistos:

Around April 18th, I noticed the male wasn't looking so great and I hit the tank with API General Cure. On the 20th, I hit the tank with round two of general cure and on the 21st the male died. On the 22nd I did a 50% water change. On the 27th, my water parameters were: pH 7.4 - Ammonia 1PPM - Nitite 0 PPM - Nitrate about 5PPM. I added Ammonia Detoxifier.

Today I noticed the female showing similar characteristics to when the male was sick - staying out in plain site, lethargic, not eating, gaunt...

I was wondering if anyone has any ideas. The other tankmates, ember tetras, zebra danio, corys, platy and neon tetra are all fine and show no signs. The plants in the tank are all alright as well...

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Are those 2 red worms (callamanus) hanging out of it in the first picture?


Ravynn said:
Are those 2 red worms (callamanus) hanging out of it in the first picture?
It's hard to tell, but I suggest the OP get a good look at the fish. Apistos are frequent carriers of camallanus.

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