lost my new babies

luna 13

HI every one,
I have a 55 gal planted tank with three angels. They are doing very well and are about 2 inches without fins.
Yesterday I went and bought two more about the size of a dime.
The first one past away about three hours later. the second one was dead the next morning. some one told me that when they are that small they have a very low survival rate. I know there could be many different reasons why they died. This just never happend to me before with my other fish.
Just wanted to share this it is sad.


I'm sorry. Is there any chance you checked the pH of the store's water and your own? How long did you acclimate, and how?


I do not have problem with mine, they were 2 inches as well when I first got them all.
They are pretty hardy to me.

One pair have grown to nearly 3 inches in a month and are having fry!!!

joshua 74

feel bad 4 ya its suks loosing a fish let alone 2.

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