Lost My Last Guppy, Fin Rot Or Tail Nipping?


I posted on here before about my sick guppies and have just recently lost our last one. I originally thought it was fin rot and began treating the tank with erythromycin when things didn’t seem to be improving. I would link the previous post but don’t know how that’s done here. At any rate we have a dwarf pale blue gouramI in the tank and have never witnessed aggression towards the guppies but have lost three now. I will post pictures of our last guppy of what we thought was fin rot and then how I found him on his last day. It looks as though his tail was stripped. If this was aggression then I guess we will leave the DG in the tank by himself unless there are any suggestions to suitable tanks mates here. Please any help or info is greatly appreciated!



I could think of three causes off the top of my head. If it was biting, chunks of the tail would be missing, so I don't think that's the problem.. but to be safe don't add any more fish.

  1. Could be fin rot. Usually affects the tail in that sort of manner, though I would have thought the medicine would cure it.
  2. Could be stress. When really stressed, they can change colour, including going clear. This may be your gouramis fault, may not be.
  3. Could be a vitamin deficiency. I'm no expert on this field but I've heard of fish keepers who had mystery problems with fins before, and they've been solved by adding vital vitamins back into the water.

Again, I'm no expert, but hopefully these can be of use to you.
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Thank you! There was literally one day in between photos so with such a quick decline I thought it was bullying. Does anyone know what vitamins are needed and if you can test for that? We do have well water ( no softener) our house filtration is a sediment filter and that is it. Water was recently tested and no heavy metals and is 7.8 ph from the tap. We do get some mineral deposits but nothing real bad.
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