Lost my first two fish very suddenly?

  1. tabshire95 Member Member

    I did a 50% water change today so I could plant the tank. I didn't think that was too much, but when I added back water to the tank I almost instantly lost two zebra danios. And it makes me really sad these where my first two lost fish an part of the original stocking group I bought. Did I do something wrong with the water change?

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  2. FiscCyning Member Member

    I'm sorry about your danios. These may be obvious questions, but was the temperature the same as what was already in the tank? Did you use dechlorinator and if so what brand? Can you test your tap water to check the parameters?
  3. tabshire95 Member Member

    I used my gravel vac python to change the water. I used my "prime" to treat the water as it went back Ibto the tank. The only thing I could think would be the water was too cold and t shocked them. I didnt even think about the water temp. The temp in my tank is 73 degrees. Which is about room temperature here.

    And I've tested my tap wter before. Everything is fine except a small amount of ammonia which got fixed by the city.

    And almost instantly is without 15 minutes they where floating at the top face first.
  4. FiscCyning Member Member

    It's possible it was the temperature but I would also test the tap water again. It isn't unheard of for city water to change so I would at least rule it out.
  5. tabshire95 Member Member

    I'll test the tap. But the temperature is a good theory. I think I remember these danios being close to the I coming water.

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  6. Phishphin Well Known Member Member

    I'm sorry for the loss. It's not a happy feeling at all...
    Sounds to me like there was something in the tap water. Unless your tap was ice cold, I'm not sure it would have instantly killed your fish. Shock was a possibility and some fish will go belly up. Usually, they will right themselves with either a poke or a few minutes of quiet contemplation, but your temp would have to have been way off.

    edit: Am I right that you've had 5 zebra danios in a 55 gallon? If so, I commend you on stocking slowly. While 5 is a great minimum, you may consider increasing their stock to 8. That's just my personal opinion and really no hard set rule. The bigger the shoal, the happier the individuals and it sounds to me like you've got the space.
  7. tabshire95 Member Member

    I'm slowly adding onto the danios, along with the tetras. I love both of the little groups and I've enjoyed watching them flit around the tank. I'd like to get ten to twelve of them a piece so they feel extremely comfortable in their setting. But the tap water test will get done tomorrow when I have a bit of time, just got home from an 11 hour shift and I can hardly hold my eyes open.
  8. Phishphin Well Known Member Member

    Long shifts are no fun...

    And I love your plan about increasing their numbers.

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