20 Gallon Tank Lost fan AFTER molt?


Steve the Bamboo shrimp must have molted last night as I found his old shell in the tank today. After watching him eat his breakfast I noticed that he seems to be minus 1 fan on his left fan side.

I was under the impression they gained limbs back during molt not lose them. Is this pretty common? Did he just have an awkward molt and lose it in the process maybe?



I enjoyed your post! I had to go and look up Bamboo Shrimp and love that you named him!! I found the shell from a RCS but think my Betta ate Shrimpy


Yea he's pretty awesome sat on his bamboo all the time. He's definitely lost on of his fans though.


poor guy. Maybe he got nipped when he was still vulnerable during molting?


I'd be surprised if he did cos he's right up near the surface of the water where nobody ever goes. Totally possible though,I hope he's not injured his other fans during whatever happened.


Their fans can come off just from eating - if they are scooping food from the gravel/sand with the fans rather than catching it from the water, they can wear down to nothing. Mine do this all the time despite there being plenty of flow and debris. I imagine the stuff on the bottom is tastier and a quicker gratification.

You probably knew that... I imagine that they could also lose one during a molt. Shrimp have certainly been known to die during a troublesome molt, so I imagine losing a fan is possible as well...

Anyway, the fan will come back at the next molt, no worries.
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