Lost Alot Of Fish?

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  1. r5n8xaw00 Well Known Member Member

    I am back after a long hiatus with problems that to me have no solutions. (At least not in my limited experience.)

    This will be long one so sorry about that.

    The only thing I can point to is that this all really got bad after I done a deep cleaning to get rid of diatoms that had really taken over my tank. I cut the leaves off of 5 Amazon swords that was covered and scrubbed clean my Anubus leaves. The Amazon swords still have plenty of leaves left. The diatoms are now for the most part all gone. Also did a 50% water change.

    I also started using a phyton for water changes and adding AquaSafe to the tank, before I was treating the water before adding to the tank.
    Also have prime and a several medications but only one I have used PimaFix to clear up Fungal infections on my Neons.Got to it early and it cleared up but still they died.

    29 gal tank cycled a year ago with seeded bacteria from a cycled 10 gallon.
    Numbers: Ammonia 0, Nitrites 0, Nitrates 10-20, ph 7.6, temp 75.8° F.
    Substrate: Pool Filter Sand
    2 Hang on the back: Aqua Clear 50 and the a medium size Walmart type.
    Heater: Aqueon Pro 150 watt
    Weekly water changes and sometimes sooner depending.

    The fish I have tried and died. 2 Dwarf Gouramies, first one a flame that died within two weeks, second a regular that died with DGD after four mouths. I had no idea until it was to late to figure out what DGD was. Just figured he was getting fat. lol

    20 Neon Tetras (Not all at one time about six at a time.) First 6 - half where already dead in the bag when I got home, and they kept dying until I gave up over a several months of trying.
    6 Albino Corydoras (Three at a time over a month.) I only have one left and it is a good survivor getting big and fat.
    3 Sterbai Corydoras and all died at different times.
    6 Long Finned Danios (Beautiful fish) over time they died expect one and he is going strong by himself for months now.
    2 Hill Stream Loachs one died and the remaining is still alive after several months and going strong.
    3 Pepper Corydoras two have died over time with one going strong along side the Albino Corydoras.

    So what is the final count left in my tank. 1 Long Finned Danio, 1 Pepper and 1 Albino Cory, 1 Hill Stream Loach.
    They are not showing any distress, but that could change.

  2. Nappers Valued Member Member

    There must be something very wrong somewhere.
    I wouldn't put untreated or unheated water in my tank, I use RO water and don't even put that in untill it's been remineralised and is close to tank temp.

  3. r5n8xaw00 Well Known Member Member

    Thank you for commenting. I thought about an RO system but the cost is more then I can afford at this time but I did find this one just now so I will study this some more.
    RO Water System

  4. Nappers Valued Member Member

    Tap water should be fine but have you tested your Tap water?
    You said you use python to fill and dose aquasafe in tank, I would treat in a bucket/barrel and leave it to stand for a couple of hours before adding to tank.
  5. bitseriously Well Known Member Member

    If you're dosing your dechlorinator for the volume of the tank just prior to adding new water, it's unlikely that chlorine or chloramine (if you have it) is the problem. But I'm not sure if Aquasafe detoxes heavy metals (I use Prime, so have never looked elsewhere), or if that could even be the problem for you.
    Were all the fish you listed above new purchases, or was this an established tank/community?
    Last fall, I set up a breeder tank in my basement and bought and lost many cories that I couldn't keep alive. I have other tanks running fine so I was at least somewhat confident that my keeping practices weren't to blame. I administered meds prudently, based on the most likely causal agents given the situation/symptoms (or lack thereof, which is also informative), but still lost lots. I'm now holding at 7 pandas and 3 bandits, and it's been stable for about 5 weeks. Through it all, snails and a pair of Apistos were fine and symptom free. I think the large-scale breeders, wholesalers, and retailers have just been providing and accepting weaker stock more and more lately. At least in my area, with these specific types of fish. Maybe you ran into a similar run of bad luck?
  6. r5n8xaw00 Well Known Member Member

    I tested my tap water about a year ago and it was ok then so maybe I should test it again. I know where the water source that we get comes from, Trinty River, because the water plant sets right on the river and of course the water plant treats and cleans the water. (I have no idea the process the water plant uses, but of course it has chlorine or chloramines in it coming out of my tap. Before using the phyton I used four 2.5 gallon water jugs (The ones with a spout on the end.) and would add the dechlorinator to them and let them set a few days. But the problem with that was, while ok for small tanks this will not work easily for me when I get my bigger tank up and running because it would take forever to refill a large tank. But here is the thing, although I lost some fish along the way using the phython didn't cause the catastrophic death of fish I have experienced here recently. Yes I was losing fish after starting to use the python but only one or two over time mainly Neon Tetras. My fish lose was happening before and after I started using the Phython, but a a much slower rate until recently. That is after doing the deep cleaning to rid my tank of diatoms.
    Thank You for your post much appreciated. :)
  7. r5n8xaw00 Well Known Member Member

    Well a year ago I would say new tank, but over time it became an established community tank with loses along the way. I tried using a Q/T tank for awhile but still problems, but maybe I should have left the new fish in there longer then I did before adding them to my community tank. I went for a very long time without buying any new fish and I took it down, so I will set up another one soon before restocking my tank.

    I am going to step out here and say this, two very good reasons for my fish deaths and will agree with you.
    Number one all my fish came from similar chain LFS the two biggest chains. I believe two possibilities, they are weak stocks, and the people working there do not properly take care of the stock. I watched as some of the workers in these chains caught and bagged my fish, it was not as gentle as I would have liked but what can you do.
    Second I live forty miles away from the closest of two of the different chains so I have to drive the fish home in the original bags and they set in the passenger seat with the water sloshing around. But what can I do. These fish have had to experience some ruff travel from the breeder farm to the LFS so I don't know if that is the reason. But when I get them home it is not unusual to find one or up to half already dead in the bag. I bought three nerite snails and all three where dead by the time I got home, weird don't know why.

    I have tried a lot of different ways acclimating my new fish to their new home with some successes and failures. But there is something I will try when traveling that long way to buy my new pets. Not just leaving them in the bags, but bringing a small ice chest and tell the worker in the LFS not to bag the fish but instead put a lot of water in the ice chest and put my fish in it. I have an dc to ac convertor in my truck so I will bring an air pump with air stone and use it in the ice chest for the ride home. I have not tried this but it can't hurt because I am losing fish anyway just traveling home with them.

    Last I will never buy Neon Tetras or Dwarf Gourami again for LFS chains. I believe popular breeds like these are over breed and contaminated with all kinds of diseases etc like Neon Tetra disease and Dwar Gourmai disease. Instead I am switching to what I hope are better breeds of fish like the larger Gourmai breeds Gold or Opaline Gourmai or Cichlids and plan my stocking around these. I am starting all over again anyway so it can't hurt to try. I know these fish get big and can be more aggressive. I plan on setting up my new 55 gallon in the near future, but for now the 29 gallon will do fine while they are still small.

    Sorry for the long reply, and Thank you for your comment much appreciated. :)
  8. bizaliz3 Fishlore Legend Member

    Did your deep cleaning involve cleaning the filter?
  9. Nappers Valued Member Member

    I feel for you!
    I can do a 55mile round trip and get to 4 really good fish stores and 2 not so great ones.
    Have you looked into getting fish shipped to you as usually they will refund losses and I guess that gives them reason to send healthy stock?
  10. bitseriously Well Known Member Member

    I'm 30 minutes from my LFS on a good day, with no traffic. I keep a cheap syrofoam cooler in the car, along with a dog towel. If I happen to swing by the fish store on my way home, and happen to leave with fish, I ask for the next larger size of bag, and a bit of extra water, and keep it in the cooler (warmer) propped up and sheltered by the towel. The larger volume of water takes longer to cool, and the towel and the cooler do a great job of maintaining temp till I get home. Being in the dark helps reduce stress also, I'm sure.
  11. r5n8xaw00 Well Known Member Member

    You know I have thought about this so will do some research on getting my fish online and mailed to me. But there is a problem as to where I live and how hot it gets here during the summer. I have heard that if Weather Temps are not favorable then the seller will not ship to me such as to hot or to cold, but I will look into it for myself.
    Thank You for your reply and good suggestion.
  12. r5n8xaw00 Well Known Member Member

    So you have the ice chest and using it to transport your fish, have you had any die in the bag. I am going to do this same thing the next time I travel the distance to purchase my fish.
    Thank You for your help and suggestion much appreciated.
  13. bizaliz3 Fishlore Legend Member

    Interesting that we are talking about having fish shipped (1-3 days in a bag) to avoid a 1-2 hours in the bag. LOL

    I get that the shipped fish might be better quality though. If poor quality fish is the issue.

    I see fish sit in bags for hours and hours at fish auctions and hours while "fish store hopping" (if I buy a fish at the first place I stop, it may spend a while in its bag while I stop at other fish stores lol).

    Maybe the store is bagging them up poorly. Do they blow air into the bag with their mouths?? haha Maybe their quality of fish is bad too. Is it the same store every time?

    I asked a question a few posts back but you didn't respond to it....did you do anything to your filter when you did your deep clean?
  14. r5n8xaw00 Well Known Member Member

    I apologize for not responding to your previous post, missed it somehow. I forgot to say that in addition to my two hang on the backs I also have a double sponge filter in my tank. I take out the sponges form all the filters and gently squeeze them out in the bucket with aquarium water. I don't know if I should mention the LFS names because it may or may not be allowed on fishlore but here goes.

    I have bought at both Petsmart and Petco. Petsmart is the closest by about five miles. Neons I bought at Petsmart and I had bought six, when I got home three where already dead. I bought three Albino Corys at Petco and two where dead when I got home and the third died in my tank the next day. I also bought three nerite snails the same day from Petco and all three where dead, but I find that kinda weird because they where shrunk up in their shells. I put them in my tank and watched until I went to bed that night and the next morning took them out and threw them away.

    So I have had bad stock (This my believe from both big chain LFS or just plain bad luck). I have had a few successes but hard to tell whether the fish, etc will be good or not when I get home. I plan on doing as bitseriously suggested the next time I make the trip to get more fish.

    Thank You for your reply, I can tell by your profile you have been fish keeping for a very long time so it is good of you to reply.
  15. bizaliz3 Fishlore Legend Member

    I really hope things improve for you! It must be so frustrating!
  16. r5n8xaw00 Well Known Member Member

    Here is the funny thing about all this. The surviving fish I mentioned on my original post, I looked back on my records of this 29 gallon aquarium. I have had the one Pepper Cory for about a year now. The remaining albino cory, long finned danio, and hill stream loach seven months. The DG before it died here a few days ago, I had for about eight months.I am watching the remaining fish and they are happily swimming around all by themselves.
  17. Martin S New Member Member

    Here are a couple of thoughts:
    - Do you know the GH of your tank and tap water? Too hard water isn't great for fish.
    - Are you using charcoal in your filter? Just in case it's heavy metals in your tap water that you can't see.
    - Do you slowly adjust the water temperature and slowly mix tank and LFS water to not give your new fish a shock?
    - Have you tried using API general cure or similar for your tank? There could be parasites in there that are killing your fish over time. The ones that survived could be healthy enough to fight them off.
    - PhosGuard is not effective any more after a couple of weeks. It might be a good idea to check the phosphate level of your water from time to time.

    I have brought my fish back home on a bicycle because I don't own a car. I use a thermo lunch bag that I wear on my chest under my jacket. This way my fish stay warm when the weather outside is too cold for them and don't get a roller coaster ride. Maybe an isolating bag or styrofoam box that you place on something soft like a blanket would be enough to prevent the fish from shaking too much du ring transport.
  18. r5n8xaw00 Well Known Member Member

    I did test the GH several months ago and it showed about normal, but I guess I should check it again. I don't use charcoal in my two HOB filters. Instead I used more bio-balls along with the sponge filter. I have tried several methods of acclimating my new fish to their forever home. Slow, drip method, you name it. But that doesn't explain why several are already dead in the bag by the time I got home, this happened three times.I will use a styrofoam container the next time.

    No I have never tried API general cure or anything like that, I will look into it. As for as phosphate and PhosGuard, never thought about that, so thanks for the info.

    Thank You Martin for your reply and help.
  19. r5n8xaw00 Well Known Member Member

    At one time I had a Q/T tank setup, cycled and ready to go. I had set it up in case of sick fish in the community tank, and not for new arrivals. But I went for a few months without problems and never used it, so I took it down. I have heard some here say that sometimes a disease in new fish do not show up for several weeks maybe longer. Because of this and the problem that I would have in turning the Q/T into another community tank while waiting for so long to re-home them to the bigger tank. The Q/T was a ten gallon and my community tank is a 29g. But I am going to setup another Q/T tank, and use it for new fish.