Lost A Little Neon Tetra - Exploded Belly

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by surajk, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. surajkValued MemberMember

    I lost one of my neon tetras today. Wanted to share in case this helps anyone else.
    I had 9 young 1/2inch neons and 8 guppy fry in a 10g- cycled and water quality fine. Amo/Nitrite-0, Nitrate<10ppm, Ph 8.

    I've been feeding the neons pellets, the guppy fry baby fish powder. The neons have been scarfing the floating powder too from the surface and gulping air in the process. They've had trouble swimming after, with their tails floating up. Today one must have been over greedy. i saw him have almost a huge bubble in his stomach. I thought he'd be ok, but 12 hours later he's gone - at least I think its the same one. he was the littlest His stomach looks like it burst. forgot to take a pic but that's what it seemed like. Anyone else see this happen?

    So no floating powder or flakes for the neons, they dont seem to know how to eat from the surface. I'll soak and sink the powder now for the guppies and hope they can get it before the neons and the filter does. The neons seem to do fine with pellets, they pull them underwater and play soccer with them - fun to watch and no swimming difficulties after.
  2. LonnieValued MemberMember

    I will have to remember the pellets. Thank you for sharing this information.
  3. StrippedDinosaurValued MemberMember

    Thanks for sharing this info. I had the same issue but with rasboras but i never knew it was because they were gulping air when eating their flakes until I nearly lost one of them. Since then i feed the Hikari Micro pellets and haven’t seen any other issues
  4. HeathenNew MemberMember

    So whenever I talk to any clients about food/feeding I ensure they find good quality food, and I walk them through in the basics of feeding briefly.

    With the powder, it's a bit more tricky but what I typically do is get a toothpick and dip it in the water, then powder, then back into their water. You'll still get some surface floaties but far less and much more foraging in the water and the bottom (Typically I have fry in bare bottom tanks.)

    With pellets, I suggest soaking them first, for about 15 minutes then feeding them in. This helps prevent bloating in the fish.

    With flakes, I release them underwater.

    Some people may think this is extra and unneeded, but it's helped me a great deal in the years I've kept and maintained fish, that they don't get any issues from gulping air.
  5. SM1199Well Known MemberMember

    I've had two guppies, on separate occasions, die from over-eating - they got into the pleco's algae wafers and ate way, way too much (not much I can do about it unfortunately) and literally burst.
  6. surajkValued MemberMember

    Thanks Heathen. I'm going to try the toothpick method. Soaking the pellets is hard with an impatient toddler who has appointed herself fish feeder in chief.