Loss of colour, loss of lip and red gills!

  1. SmudgeLikeInk Member Member

    Okay so i noticed one of my mickeymouse platys was sat on the bottom, up until this morning everything was fine seemed normal but all of a sudden ive noticed its changed in colour, water testing shows up fine, no other fish affected in tank, the mickey mouse has now been taken out and put into a 12 litre quarantine tank and being treated for finrot and bacterial infection (as its the only medicine i had readily to hand) okay so stats and pics below

    240 litre (53 gallon) (62 US gallons)
    Ammonia - 0
    Nitrite - 0
    Nitrate - 20
    Ph - 7
    Temp - 24 celsius

    ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1466284300.968307.jpg ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1466284335.000583.jpg ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1466284391.555433.jpg
  2. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Have her gills always been red? It may just be her coloration that allows you to see the redness.
  3. SmudgeLikeInk Member Member

    No, her body was a beautiful blue and never saw any redness previously, there is another 2 and i cannot see any redness with them, even when i tried catching her shes didnt even attempt to swim away
  4. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    That's weird. I'm sorry, I don't have an idea of what it could be :(
  5. SmudgeLikeInk Member Member

    I guess keep treatment going and see if it effects them at all, hopefully i don't lose her