Lord have mercy, what would you do?

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Love my 20gal long.
Love watching my fish.
It is right on the counter in my kitchen.
Has 3 GBRs, 1 Dwarf Gourami, 1 BN Pleco, 1 Panda Cory, 4 Otto, 4 Neons, 2 Mystery Snails.
The GBRs have spawned twice but ate the eggs sometime during the second night after they laid them.
The snails have deposited a second clutch of eggs.
Tank is pretty heavily planted.

My dilemma....
I feel like it would be better if the pair of breeding GBRs had a tank to themselves with maybe just the Ottos in it and possible the Neons and snails only.

I wish I could rehome the lone female GBR who I feel sorry for....
The DG is so pretty and fun to watch.
LOVE the snails too!
I already know I should have a few more Neons and Cory's too.
Have had trouble finding healthy Panda Cory's.....

Found a 50ish Hex tank and stand that I can have that is lovely.
Ok so what is the problem then????
I can seed it from existing media in my 20gal, so that is good.

would have to put it in my bedroom since there really isn't room anywhere else. Not sure how I really like that idea, if I would get to enjoy it as much but probably would.

Which ones should I put into the 50gal tank???
Would e breeding GBRs do better in a tank in a quieter location or should they stay where they are obviously comfortable?

I am thinking that I should move the DG, the BN Pleco, the single female GBR and the Cory to the new tank once I can get it set up and leave the Ottos, the Neons, the breeding pair of GBRs and the 2 Snails in the established tank

Any suggestions on what I could/should add to a 50 gal? It is 23.5 tall and 25.1/4 corner to corner.
What would get along with the DG, BN Pleco, school of cories (when I can find more)?
Oh and also the lone female GBR unless I can rehome her.....
I don't want to get another male GBR for her because the DG doesn't really need to be with them.....he sometimes chases them and I have to wonder if he may be the reason they have eaten the eggs?
I know they typically eat their first few batches and the Cory may be responsible too....
?? would the snails eat the eggs??
So Fishlorians, what would you guys do if you were me?

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Wow, that's a lot! Let me try my best. I would definitely NOT move the GBRs- being sensitive fish anyway you really risk messing up their breeding and also their systems.

Fish that come to mind for the DG, BN GBR & cory- not necessarily all these following fish together. (These are all my opinions, you don't have to go for any of them, lol!)

Glolight Tetras
Balloon Mollies
Von Rio Tetras
Cherry Barbs

I would not create a pair of keyholes or kribs if you were to get those, particularly if the female GBR was still there.

Snails are capable of eating eggs, yes, even though they are herbivores.

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Lol, thanks! I know it was like diarrhea of the mouth as my parents used to say when I was a little kid jabbering away....
Thanks for the advice!
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No not at all! I really enjoyed answering your post Anything you choose, you're going to have a ball with a 20 and a 50. Let me know what you're choices end up being!
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I should have fun. That DG makes me so mad. Today he was knocking the snails off the glass. He is a bugger. I don't understand why he is such a pig, I thought they were supposed to be peaceful.
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Peaceful and hungry are too different things


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Peaceful and hungry are too different things

I get the first part....peaceful, but what was the other word? Hungry? I didn't mean pig as in hungry, pig as in bad behavior. It's horse talk, bad horse= pig
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He may be knocking the snails off the glass in an attempt to eat them.
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He may be trying to eat them....escargot!
He is always begging to be fed so that may be true. He is a very well fed fish. I suppose snails would pretty much be a target for any fish that isn't just really small, right?
I am afraid to feed more than I do right now. They get, flakes I got from Kens fish, frozen BS, FD bloodworms and shrimp pellets. I rotate what I feed and usually use tongs so I can make sure the DG, and GBRs get enough before the tetras gobble too much.
Should get the 50gal tank tomorrow and will start the process of setting that one up and will probably leave the snails with the pair of GBRs and put DG in the 50....
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Excited for you and your new tank!

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