Looking to vary my clownfish and royal gramma diet


HI everyone, I have a 29 biocube with a clownfish and a royal gramma they are doing great on it, and have really amazing colors as well as a flawless physique. However their diet is almost only .5 mm NLS Thera pellets, and once a week HikarI mysis shrimp. I know pellets are high in PO4, and that various foods are preferred. So I was looking for suggestions on great quality food to feed my two fishes. Also I have read that it is wise to "rinse" your frozen food, can anyone link me to a good article on how to do this exactly?.

Thank you,

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Feeding a clown and royal gramma should be quite simple, given both will accept meaty foods.

There's no right or wrong feeding regime, but variety is the spice of life

You can try frozen: squid, red plankton, mussels, prawns, lobster eggs, just about anything in the frozen section of the LFS
Pellets - I'd stick with the NLS, but mine also love HikarI Marin S

As for rinsing food, it's as simple as using RODI water in a bowl, (note, if you're not going to rinse with RODI, there's no point rinsing IMO); then grab the food in your fingers, run it through the bowl.

Personally, I don't bother rinsing my frozen food, I simply let it thaw out, then 'squash' the water out of it, and feed.
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Check out Rod's Foods too - my fish go crazy for it but it gets kind of expensive so they just get it a couple times per week. The large pouch goes for around $20 and should last awhile if you just use it as an every once in a while type food while keeping their main diet the NLS.

I break off a small chunk, let it defrost in a bowl and then while tilting the bowl slightly sideways so the thawed juices flow to the low side, I spoon out the chunks and feed that to the fish.

The big box pet stores usually have those San Francisco Bay brand frozen cube packs and those work well too.
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HI ryanr and Mike,

Thank you so much for your responses!, I haven't had a chance to check out my local selection of frozen foods, but I will look for those.

I'll report back on how they like them =D

As for the rinsing that is pretty much the way I have been doing it , thank you!

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