Looking to upgrade my tank. Eclipse 6 or Bookshelf 6.6?

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Right now I have my betta in a 2 gallon hex with a crypt and anubias, without a heater (CalI weather 70-75 average so it's not that bad) or filter.

He's doing good, but I'd rather him in a 78-80 degree tank with filtration, proper lighting, and a ton of plants.

The old house I live in limits me to less than a 20 gallon tank. Since I only like bettas and oscars, it isn't that bad of a thing. The oscar tank will hopefully be sometime in the future, so for now I'm looking to put all my attention into my betta.

I've narrowed it down to these. The 2.5g/3g mini-bow/eclipse I feel are too small, and I don't like 10 gallons because of having to buy a separate hood/light for it. The 15 gallons aren't that common and have the same hood/lighting situation as a 10 gallon anyway.

So anyone have either of these or know of any with experiences with the 2 tanks?
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ik that the eclipse 6 is popular and has a pretty good rep, don't know much about the bookshelf but it seems good.

I have the minibow 5 and it is excellent. the filter it comes with is 5 years old and still works like the day it came out the box
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Our Bettas are in the 6.6g bookshelf tanks and love them. The tanks are just right for a Betta.
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Walmart has 10 gallon kits that come with the lid, filer and light, I have 2of them and have been very pleased.
I also have a 5 gallon minibow, I haven't had it long, but so far, I'm happy with it.
I think I'll have to be careful not to scratch it, whereas the 10 gallon kit, I don't have to worry about that it.
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Congrats on upgrading your bettas home! I know that there are many people around here that have the 6.6 gal bookshelf tanks for their bettas and think it is a great set up, although I don't personally have one. I do have the Eclipse 6 set up in my sons room with a trio of guppies and I like it just fine. I am sure that your baby will love whatever you choose.
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I've two 5 gallon mini-bows myself but if I could I would go with the bookshelf tanks, I just lack any areas to place 2-4 tanks of that length ^^; Both are spacous enough and any betta would be perfectly happy beable to call either tank home.
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I just bought a 6.6 Bookshelf yesterday for my Betta! He was in a 10 gallon before but the only place for that one was in the bedroom. Now he's out in the living room with a nice, commanding view of everything. So far he seems to be enjoying it!
I was having problems with the filter in the 10 gallon because it was too strong for him. I purchased a very weak one which actually didn't filter at all. The one that came with the bookshelf aquarium had a control knob that allows me to reduce the current but it still sucks up debris. So that was a nice little surprise in the Bookshelf Aquarium kit!
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Thanks for the suggestions. I still haven't quite made up my mind yet so I'm looking forward to more opinions.

I had forgotten about the kits; so now I'm pretty much leaning towards a 10 gallon or the 6.6g kits. I read on a few forums that people with eclipse 6 housing bettas said the built in filter current was a little too strong. The 6.6g/10g also seem more upgradeable because of their length.
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If we are voting the bookcase tank is the better tank for a betta but the Eclipse is an excellent tank also so whichever one you decide on will be okay but the betta will be much happier in the bookcase tank but the Eclipse has the better filter to my knowledge.

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If you have the room and funds for the 10 gallon kit get that if you plan on using live plants because lighting upgrades are easier. Also if the 10 gallon is glass there is less chance of scratching. The betta will enjoy the extra space.
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I have both of them. I like both of them. They look great, they work great, they have decent prices (Eclipse -$49.97 walmart, Bookshelf - $39.99petco). I think the Bookshelf one is more comfortable for Bettas (wide but not too deep).
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I recently got the 6.6 bookshelf tank and My Ripley is L O V I N G it She seems very happy in it,
I'm not crazy about the fact that it scratches easily being acrylic,But the filter it came with is wonderful and adjustable
I'm sure what ever you decide on will be fine!Keep us posted.
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I don't have any experience with the Eclipse, but it looks a lot deeper than the bookshelf.

I use the bookshelf for my betta and it's just perfect. ;D It's long and shallow, allowing the most natural habitat for a betta. A thing to keep in mind when shopping for a betta tank is that they are labyrinth fishes and need to come up for air... the shallower and longer the tank, the better, as it gives them less space to cover to the surface.

Good luck in your hunt for the perfect set-up!
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I have the eclipse 5 with a betta in it and the current isn't too strong at all. I believe it has the same filter as the eclipse 6. BTW the built in filter is not impressive at all. Its a little disappointing.
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Bookshelf tank! There is a much longer run on that.

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