Looking to buy a seriously high quality betta

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I have the money and an empty planted cycled 10 gallon tank.

I've wanted a unique/rare "show quality" betta for a long time, but wanted to be sure I could in fact keep bettas first. Now I feel comfortable, so I'm on the search.

Where can I get a seriously high quality betta? I am in Maine, USA so would need someone who shipped here.
I am looking on Aquabid, but if anyone can recommend a trusted breeder/seller? Thanks.

Loved this one I came across:


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I wouldn't bother with a koI betta. They are marbles and they don't stay that color/pattern for long. My koi, Neopolitan, is turning black He arrived to me red white and black (hence the name) but now he's losing more and more white.

If you buy from AB, just realize you're going to be paying over $100.00 for the fish, when you factor in international shipping, import charges, and domestic shipping through a transshipper. There are a lot of great breeders on AB - most of them are in Thailand and Indonesia. Phusit is good, Aquastar has some of the nicest bettas I've ever seen, and another favorite of mine is 3Dbetta <-- he in particular is awesome, and a really nice guy.

If you would rather avoid the cost and stress of international shipping, check ebay. Most of the fish on there are already in the US, and several sellers market exclusively imported show fish from asia.
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