Looking into nano tanks

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    I have a 40 gallon and a 5.5 gallon and suffer from multiple tank syndrome. I have saved up about $350 and was looking to see if i could find a steal on craigslist or ebay on a larger tank (150-180 gallons) but most deals died out. I have now thought about this for a while and decided as much as i would like to have a larger tank it isnt really a reality. Ive turned a new leaf and now decided to go for more nano tanks. What im thinking for the first nano tank is a mantis shrimp. Just wondering (hoping not to spend the entire fish savings on this) which tank, where to buy it, and what can be put in it. I saw on Dr. Foster and Smith a couple good deals on a bit larger nano tanks from 12-29 gallons. I was hoping to buy more than one but would like to base that all off of what i spend on the mantis tank.

    Thank You
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    If keeping a mantis shrimp i would buy a acrylic tank as there less likely to shatter depending on which type of mantis shrimp you getting ??? (spearers or smashers)
    if a smasher then it could smash your glass of the tank thats why a lot of people consider these as pests ,,
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    +1 on the mantis info! I've sent you a pm on other possibilities for acquiring a nano tank.