Looking for new addition ideas


currently have a planted 40g breeder tank (technically might be 36-38g?)

I'm about to donate my 2 female swordtails to a friend and so now I have some extra room in my tank and am wanting to get some cooler fish buddies, like maybe danios or killifish or dwarf cichlid maybe? Looking for suggestions...

Right now, my tanks a bit of an orphanage -- (and water quality good, normal)
(After 2 swordtails removed - )
- 1 SAE
- 3 Cherry Barbs
- 4 Ember Tetra - ( I think? Or some pink rasbora, similar to Harlequin Rasbora but without the black coloring?)
- 4 Chili Rasbora
- 6 Neon Tetra
- 2 Pristella Tetra
- 1 juvenile Platy (female, I think. It accidentally snuck in as a fry with addition of donated Neon T.s)
- 1 Bloodfin Tetra
- 1 Glow light Tetra
- 2 Corys (geoffroy)
- 2 Julii Corys
- 5 Bamboo Shrimp
- 2 Dwarf Bamboo Shrimp
- Netrite Snails (lots of eggs at the moment actually, not that anything will come of them though...)
- Golden and Blue Mystery Snails

Any tips and reccos would be greatly appreciated!!


You could always get more of the ones you only have 1 fish of so they have more friends that are the same type? Do they all usually school together?
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Scarlet badis would probably do well if you can make sure they get fed, all the smaller fish will act as dither fish and encourage them to be less shy.
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