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Looking for insight on fish problem

  1. DanB80TTS

    DanB80TTS Well Known Member Member

    Just noticed one of my red tail rasboras has a very very large swollen stomach, my short research come across dropsy. Can anyone ID this problem? Pics aren't the best, trying to photo one of a school of 12 constantly moving fish.
    The fish doesn't seem to be activing odd or isolating itself.

    DSCN0593.JPG DSCN0594.JPG DSCN0596.JPG
  2. Beeker

    Beeker Well Known Member Member

    The best way to tell is if the fish has scales that are sticking out like a pinecone. Than you can be almost certain it is dropsy. Other possibilities are impacted eggs, food blockage or tumor(s).
    What are the water parameters?
    How long have you had the fish?
    How long has the fish been this way? If it looked normal when you got it, how long did it take to develop; was it gradual or sudden?
  3. OP

    DanB80TTS Well Known Member Member

    Im not sure if it has the pine one effect scales, it's hard to tell, which makes me thing that it probably doesn't.
    water parameters are good, the tank gets after changes each week between 10-20g (55g tank), tanks been up over a year in is well established.

    Don't know an exact time for how long I've had the fish, but it is a couple of months probably 4 or more, time flies to quick to remember.
    I know they were all fine when I got them, I'd say it appeared rather suddenly but I don't pay a ton of attention to each individual rasbora in their school of 12.

    I think it would be a little extreme to be constipation, however I did make a recent change in the diet of this tank in that I started feeding them brine shrimp every 2 days.