Looking for information about what attending a fish swaps is like?


There are 2 Fish Swaps close to me this month and I'm really interested in attending, but I've never been to one so am looking to find out what they are like?

Are you supposed to bring things of your own to literally swap with vendors? Or are the vendors selling things in a booth like at a convention or fair?

Also, I understand a lot of breeders bring their stock to these events. If they are selling it, is it generally for a bargain price (cheaper than maybe at a LFS) or because it's quality breeder stock, is it more expensive?

Maybe kind of dumb questions, but I'd kind of like to know ahead of time what to expect.


Man, you're lucky. Utah is very lame when it comes to fish stuff, we have 1 aquarium society for the whole state, and they do auctions maybe once a year.
I would assume it's more like selling, but I wouldn't know about prices. Maybe a little bit of both, if they had a website there might be be some info about it?


I’ve got a swap coming up here in October. A few friends and I have a few tables to sell our fish.
If you want to sell stuff, figure out how to buy a table.
If you are a buyer, just show up with cash


Good idea...checking the website. It does seem that the larger one has things that can be purchased. Not sure of the other because it's smaller and doesn't have a website.

Still unsure about the price piece. That's very important to me because I have several things that I'm looking for. Nothing is too exotic, so if the prices are just going to be expensive, I may just skip and go to LFSs instead.

Oh, and I am fortunate to have 2. I suppose the perks of living in a major metro area!


Highly recommend!
I attend swap meets regularly, here you purchase spots/tables and sell your wares, (fish, plants, food, hardscape supplies, etc..). Similar to a flea market.
95% of the sellers are hobbyists and have "Great" home grown stock and prices are very reasonable.
Our last 2 swap meets you could even pre-order.

"Good Luck" and Have fun..


I went to a small one, they sell things farmers market style. If you are aware of the average price of the fish you want to buy , it will help you even at an LFS. Considering that a lot of these breeders sell to pet stores and the pet stores sell them for higher prices. It is likely that you would find better than average prices.


My experience is only from the Australian club prospective .
My suggestion is to arrive on time or early. Arrive knowing what you have room for and what the shop price is. The first half an hour is critical. Bargains can also be had at the very end of the day when nobody wants to take their fish home.

My local club has run a few swap meets. But it’s much easier on everyone going to auctions.
Unless the club is big enough to have an electronic banking system take lots of cash.

100% you will come home with fish you could not resist LOL. Hopefully you pick up a couple of old fish tanks as well?


Thanks for the info to everyone! I will heed the warning and take plenty of cash! As it's on a Sunday and I have church first, I will likely be hoping for the bargains at the end of the day. Fortunately, I'm in a good place tank-wise, so I don't have to add a new tank or two in order to get new fish.

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