Looking for ideas for a new vacation spot. Where do you go and why?

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We just got back from our vacation at Ridin Hy Dude Ranch Resort in Warrensburg, NY. It's an all inclusive resort that's situated on a lake. Lots of horseback riding, 3 meals a day, indoor pool, basketball court, volleyball, shuffleboard, horseshoes, movie on the beach night, lots of activities for the kids (stepson is now 15), nightly bingo, dancing, etc. All activities are included in the package.

We've gone there the last 5 years and we're ready for something new. This time around, all my stepson did was complain about how bored he was. Frankly, I'm ready to just take a trip with my husband and leave the ungrateful brat at home with his mother.

It would be great if it is within driving distance (we're in CT). I'd rather not do anything on the east coast (ME, NH, VT, CT). We would travel to NY again though. I've been thinking Virginia, Michigan or Pennsylvania, as they have lakes and we've never been to those states.

I like the "meals included" kind of place, for very obvious reasons, although we'll also entertain places that don't offer that.

We prefer a slower pace of living. We like to fish, swim, boat, campfires. My dream vacation is a cattle drive in Montana, but I don't see that happening any time soon due to health issues.

So..... where do you go and why?

If there is a place that you haven't necessarily been but think might "fit" us, let me know.


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To be on the Blue Ridge Parkway and ride it from end to end is one of the most pleasurable moments I've had in my life. It's been many years since I've traveled the ParkWay. I don't think you would be disappointed. There are so many stopping places to view all along the Parkway.

The Peaks of Otter Lodge...wow! When I went and this was in the early 1990's, telephones and TV's were not an amenity of the lodge. (Also on the Parkway)

See what you think.

If you can travel the Parkway in the fall when the leaves are changing...even more awesome.

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That looks really nice, Ken.... very peaceful. Thanks for sharing.
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15 is a rough age to entertain. He's not old enough to drink but old enough to know about it lol. Gotta find him a hotel with lots of teenie boppers in bikinis and you and hubby go get lost in a spa or pool somewhere lol(reminds me of my trip to Wisconsin Dells lol).
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Next year, hubby and I are taking a short vacation, just the two of us. So it shall be written, so it shall be done.

We're actually zeroing in on Martha's Vineyard. I haven't been there since I was a teen (family vacation) and hubby has never been.

Any suggestions for the Vineyard, folks?


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