Looking For Advice. 75g Planted Primary Fish Neon Tetra

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by YATT, Jun 13, 2019.

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    Think I’m finally settling on a 75g planted with neon tetras as primary fish. I will sump it also to keep water clear and allow for stocking options. Want to do driftwood and some plants. Plants are up in the air as to what to add. Regarding driftwood, I think I’d like to do a simple vertical forest. Either one big trunk to the left or right and planted heavy on the opposite or maybe 3 smaller trunks over the tank and plants dispersed.

    I want primarily neons so I’m limited to soft and lower pH water and cooler water (68-75F). Can I get some options on plants that would work (low or high tech) and fish that are compatible. Shrimp are good too!

    My short list are cory’s, hatchetfish, cherry shrimp. What are my other options? Glass catfish?

    Plants....I’m not sure. I can grow frogbit like no ones business but that makes a lot of shadows. I’m fine with leaf litter and river bottom look also. I’m basically looking for ideas to help me think.

    Appreciate any advice. Thanks!
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    Glass cats like good current so they would need a powerhead. Neons these days have poor genetics so you might actually look into cardinals (which are a warmer water fish and would also expand your options) When I did both glass cats and neons they did very well together I had them with Amazon swords, bronze wendtii's and mondo grass(it requires a lot of maintenance if you want to keep it fully submerged. Things like substrate water flow with lots of oxygen but since you're doing a sump it's totally doable) they like floating plants(I like lillis myself tho) to make them feel safe. Other bulb plants will also offer top coverage as well as mid level leaves. Perrinals work well if you want leaf litter.