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Looking For A Fish To Clean My Cichlids

  1. Biev Valued Member Member

    Does anyone have experience with cleaner fish (i.e. fish that eat parasites off of other fish)? I've read that orange chromides tend to clean green chromides. I'm raising hundreds if not thousands of convict cichlids, and ectoparasites are a constant worry. I don't like having to medicate often. If I could find a fish that can clean (non-breeding) convict cichlids, either in fresh or brackish water, that would be AMAZING!
  2. Demeter Fishlore VIP Member

    There are very few "cleaner fish" that can live in fresh water. As far as I know, none that do that job specifically for convict cichlids.

    It is unlikely you will be able to find such a fish, especially for convict cichlids. I'm sure you already know, but convicts are not peaceful fish are do best in species only tanks. Adding another species will likely end up in the new guys getting tormented.
  3. Biev Valued Member Member

    Thought I might luck out with a member of the same genus... I do keep some of them in brackish water. It's basically sick bay, since I only have a limited number of hospital tanks. Does the job pretty well for small booboos.
  4. david1978 Fishlore Legend Member

    I couldn't imagine being able to have anything smaller with convicts. Mine were beating up a 10 inch Pleco.
  5. Biev Valued Member Member

    Wow, that's kind of impressive... Mine tend to be pretty peaceful, but I keep them in same-sex communities and try not to overcrowd them. I imagine throwing another species in there would likely reawaken the beast within, though! That's too bad.

    I considered adding a cleaner shrimp species to my parentless hatcheries, as they keep eggs ventilated and prevent them from getting moldy. Ultimately though, it seems like less of a potential confound to just throw an indian almond leaf in there.

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