Longterm plan for Boesemani Rainbows


HI everyone

I’m hoping to get some advice on what to do long term for a couple of BoesemanI Rainbows I picked up from a local fish store (not MY local fish store) because I absolutely refused to leave them in the abhorrent conditions they were in.
I had always planned to get a larger tank and get BoesemanI eventually, I’m a HUGE fan of rainbows in general and have a group of 8 Praecox in my 20 gallon that I adore.
When my bf and I were on a lunch outing we stopped at a local fish store about 20 minutes from our area because I just had to. I’d been here before and kind of knew what to expect, I’d actually discussed it with the owner of my local fish store who I trust and although he was very neutral and complimentary of their maintenance services (they started out as a service only provider) he was not a fan of the fact that they run all their freshwater fish on one system.
Yep. The same parameters for every single freshwater fish there, regardless of what they actually need. Not to mention 90% of their tanks are under 5 gallons regardless of species. So I’ll paint the picture. 2 juvenile BoesemanI in a MAYBE 2 gallon tank, very reminiscent of a betta cube.
I’d actually thought at first that they were juvenile turquoise rainbows because they were 100% clear silver. Not one single drop of color. The water was dirty and they were sitting there not really moving since they couldn’t...just the two of them. I immediately grabbed the first employee I saw and requested the poor babies be yanked now. I didn’t have a fantastic plan at that point, but I knew had waaaaay better than they currently had and by the looks of all the dead fish in other tanks, I thought they may not have long.
They did appear healthy, no obvious signs of illness or distress at all, just obvious signs of depression. I mulled over whether to quanratine in my 10 gallon, but since I was treating my 20 gallon rainbow tank for ich/fungal (which I’m convinced rode in on a snail ) I figured I’d put them in and treat them just in case. I plopped them in (after plenty of acclimation!) and almost cried I was so happy at what I saw. They looked so relieved, swimming happily, exploring the litany of live plants and driftwood and hanging out with my praecox, who are being very pleasant hosts. The thing that really blew my mind was how they colored up almost instantly. They looked liked different fish. I knew they would most likely gain a little color upon the improved conditions, but given their young age I figured it’d take awhile. Try 10 minutes. They just switched on. They also immediately began eating which made me very happy.
They have adjusted better than I ever thought, especially for being a lonesome duo. I’m glad they at least have some cousins to be with for now. I absolutely know a 20 gallon is farrr too small for these fish in the long run. For now they’re doing excellent and are quite small so I don’t feel too terrible. Parameters are stable:

0mm ammonia
0mm nitrates
0mm nitrites
79 degrees
PH 7

Eating HikarI Vibra Bites
HikarI frozen bloodworms
HikarI omega enriched brine shrimp
Assorted flakes

They do have a great deal of open swimming space which they throughly enjoy. That tank seems very happy overall. The advice I’m hoping to get is what will be best for all these guys long term? What I would LIKE to do is get a UNS or Landen 90p which are both around 45 gallons and plant it with plenty of open swimming space and put all the rainbows in there with maybe a few corys and neon tetra. I have read many mixed thoughts on keeping BoesemanI in “X” size tanks. I would like to hear your guys’ thoughts on if my idea would be a comfortable solution for my situation and how quickly I need to get them into a larger tank? I’ve had them for about a week now. Both are male and are about 1.5 inches. I plan to have them in a new tank (I have cycled filters, media, sand, etc.) in the next 2 weeks. Is this soon enough? I don’t ever want any of my animals to be uncomfortable, which is why I couldn’t leave them there in the first place. I’m fine doing whatever needs to be done, I just run all low iron, rimless tanks currently ( 2 20s and 2 10s) and I want to keep that theme going...that being said, I’m sure most of you know the cost of rimless tanks over 40 gallons. It’s pretty steep. I plan on sinking around $500 on the tank itself and already am cultivating plants in other tanks to transfer. I use ADA la plata/Colorado sand and fluval stratum which I’ll also use on this new tank. The reason I’m hoping 45 gallons will work is the next step up in the rimless game is the 120p and we’re talking about $1000. I adore this hobby and my animals, but I’m not at the point where I want to spend $1k on JUST a tank. Ok, sorry for the novel. Thoughts????


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I think that it was a wise idea to save them if they were in this condition at the lfs. As for the rainbows, you should put them in at least 55 gallon long term (bigger the better) and get at least 8 of them or more.


Poor fish, this makes me so sad to hear. I am sure that they are a lot happier now that they have space!

This may just me personally, but is a rI'm really THAT noticeable in a 55 gallon or larger tank? I can see how it is on smaller aquariums, but a black rim/less than perfect glass doesn't seem like it is worth $900+ to me compared to the $1/gallon tanks at Petco or a used aqueon on CL. It doesn't make sense to me to choose a smaller tank for aesthetic purposes soley, when your fish would prefer more space and don't care about the rim/glass clarity. Obviously we all have to choose how to balance our own aesthetics versus what seems to be the fish preference to some degree though , this hobby is a combination of having an aesthetically pleasing tank while keeping the fish "happy," (such as preferring light colored substrate, but fish seem to prefer darker colored, etc.)

I've never had that type of money though or seen a rimless/low iron glass tank, so perhaps it really is THAT noticeable. But I really feel like two schools of rainbows in a beautifully planted world would be the focus, not the tank itself.

What are the dimensions of the fancy 45? If it is a long tank, that is what matters more than the water volume in my opinion.


Well, I’ve decided to start my rimless tank savings jar with the money I was going to put towards the 45 gallon and save for the 60 gallon which is $1000. I’ll make that my 6 month goal I’m headed to Petco for the $1/gallon 1/2 off sale and getting myself a 55 gallon for the time being, I have 2 established aquaclear 30s that I’ll run with the ADA sand they’ve been using plus some extra I’ve had on hand for awhile. I’ll probably just set this up and let it run for awhile to make sure I’m good on parameters before they’ll make the move, but that’s the plan for now. I realllllllly prefer the rimless and it will absolutely be happening within the next 6 months, but I’m not the type to ever have an animal suffer as a result of esthetic needs or wants, EVER. The rimmed 55 is only $70 right now, so I’m not even really counting this one!


In reality you probably did the wrong thing. The owner will stay in business and restock that tank with more rainbows. Is your tank cycled? Zero nitrates would indicate its not. One thing I'll add is the fish could care less if the tank is rimless or not. Do them a favor and go for a standard 55 or 70 at a fraction of the cost and enjoy the fish in a better enviornment with more room to aquascape and make the tank look and function better.


Honestly, I don’t think I did the wrong thing in this particular case. If it were Petco, then yes it probably would’ve been the wrong choice. They don’t care and will just see it as a sale, restock and survive. They’re Petco. This store does not care at all, but they also don’t have the big name to back it up. They will soon be out of business, at least their retail division, every tell tale sign is there. All of the fish in this store are very stressed and inadequately cared for. It’s really abhorrent. The entire system is basically slightly larger betta cubes for all fish of all sizes. I saw a 8+ inch pleco bent sideways in an actual betta cube. Poor thing could not move. In reality I wish I could save the whole store. It’s really bad. This will be the last time I go there and I’ve only been 2 times prior. My guess is they have about 6 months, maybe. I have multiple tanks, all which are cycled. I just did a water change and my nitrates will slowly rise and stay around 10. I was surprised no one mentioned that sooner. I’ve already purchased a standard 55 and set it up yesterday with mature filtration, substrate, driftwood and plants. Everything is coming from my own stock in a controlled environment. All of my fish are very healthy and happy. I hands down 1000000% prefer the rimless tanks, it’s just what I like and always will. That’s why there’s more than one horse in a horse race I’ll absolutely get the ADA 60 gallon in the near future, but for now as long as my lil buddies are comfortable and happy, that’s all I’m worried about


Welcome to the forum ccc726 !

Please keep us posted on your new tank builds in this section, it will be interesting to see the progress.

I keep 2 BoesmanI and 2 Australian Rainbowfish in a 75g, with an assortment of community fish as tank mates

Rainbowfish are awesome and I wish I would have gotten them earlier, as they were about the last fish I have added to the 75g.

Once they start to grow, they put on size quick in my experience. So far, mine have had zero aggression and get along fine with their tankmates. They color up well, especially when they put on some size. Even the Australian which didnt have much color for the first few months has totally changed into a

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