Longest Poop..... Ever!!!!

  1. Poseiden Initiate Member

    I'm trying to figure out why my female blue dwarf gourami has a 6" BM. The male never has a trail. She's surfing algae quite a bit. It's a 55g tank with 24 tank mates and she's the longest perpetrator every day...[​IMG]
  2. EmmyFish Member Member

    My Platy let loose a long one a couple days ago. :emoji_fish:When ya gotta go ya gotta go!
  3. Cranks_Tanks Member Member

    some fish poop a lot. it can be caused by a lower quality food with more filler, but it's very unlikely big poops are going to hurt your fish directly. higher quality food might fix it since you wont need to feed as much and it'll have much less filler.