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Tony G.
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Hola everyone! First off, Sorry about the long boring post! I'm just really excited!

Its been about.. 1 year? I had to take a step back from the hobby a while back, I just didn't have the funds to keep all my tanks going, so one by one I had to take them down until I had no tanks running. It was sad, because I really enjoyed it, but I didn't want to be irresponsible having a pet that I wouldn't be able to look after.

Anyways, I've had so many positive changes in my life, I'll start with the before

When I turned 18 (that's the legal age here in Mexico where you get to pretty much do whatever you want) I started going out, drinking, smoking, staying up pretty late in strange places. I got into a few car accidents because of this, but it didn't seem so bad to me, everyone was doing it. I became distant from my family, and kept to myself. I thought I was happy, until I got into a relationship. I was so in love! But then it ended and everything came stumbling down. I got dropped from my high school, friends of mine passed from the life we had going, so a few shock factors took place in my life that made me realize that it wasn't all that great.

So I basically locked myself up at home, with my family, got to know them again (as they felt like strangers to me.)
I found an open high school (basically you study at your own pace and test when you feel ready) which I'm doing really good at. I'm going to college (hopefully) in January to study Tourism or Hotel Management. I got a job as a receptionist at this really nice Hotel/Hostel in the downtown area (which I love!) which I think is helping me prepare and understand how it all works, I find it very interesting. At my job I met a few exchange students from all over the world, that were pretty much lost here, so I took them all over the state trying to find them places to live, and give them a warm welcome and we've become really good friends! I began playing the piano and cello again. I became vegan about a month ago and feel healthier than ever. I quit smoking about a week ago, and I am in a relationship.

Pretty much all I could ask for I have. I might not be the richest person in the planet , but deep down I am really happy and thankful for this second chance that I get to have, and for living stress free (or at least trying haha)

Which is why I decided to pick up my favorite hobby where I left off.
I must warn you though, some things I might have forgotten.

I've recently ordered a HM red gorgeous Betta that should be arriving sometime next week. I have set up a 10 gallon bow front tank for this bad boy, as I said before, I want to be a responsible pet owner and I just can't seem to let myself keep him in anything below 5g, so I thought I'd get him a nice home

Its been running for about 2 weeks and a half and has 0 ammo. 0 nitrites and 15 nitrates. My question is, do I just keep feeding the empty tank with water changes until my lil man gets here? I don't want the cycle to die..
I'm really excited about this, its all coming back to me!

I look forward to meeting new users, and catching up with some old friends.

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Congrats on everything!!!
Tony G.
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Thank you scuggs!
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HI Tony,

Welcome back! Oh, the perils of youth. Good for you for making positive changes in your life and turning things around for the better. It's funny how things that once seemed so very important and necessary (like hanging out with so-called friends, partying, and staying out late), become so meaningless and inconsequential as we get older and more mature. When I was a young teenager, I thought my parents were incredibly dumb and old-fashioned, but in my late-teens and early-twenties I began to realize just how sensible and smart they actually were. I would like to think that they suddenly changed, but, in truth, I was the one who had changed and grown up. I guess, it's all part of becoming a responsible adult. When it comes right down to it, your family and true friends are most important things in life. It's great to hear you are back in school. Education is paramount. It will open so many doors for you that otherwise would remain tightly closed. I promise you that any time, money, and effort you spend on your education will not be wasted in the long run.

Although I wish I had more time to participate in all the sections of Fishlore, you'll mainly find me "hopping" around the amphibian pages of the forum and participating in discussions on African dwarf frogs, my favourite aquarium inhabitants. I just wanted to welcome you back and tell you how great it is to hear that you are making positive changes in your life. All the best. Saludos. - frogbreeder
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HI Tony welcome back.
Glad to see you're getting things back on track.
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Welcome back, Tony! It is so good to see you online!

Glad you are back on the "good side of the tracks". LOL!

In regards to your tank, keep feeding the cycle until your boy gets here Can't wait to see pics when he arrives!!!!
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Good morning,

Nice to see you back on line Tony! I'm glad things are improving for you!

Yes, continue to feed the tank to keep your cycle until the fish arrives. Before you add the fish, you may want to do a large water change.

Keep us posted on your progress and I hope you can share some photos of your new fish with us.


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