Long distance fish transportation

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    Hi Everyone,

    I will try to make this question as succinct as possible - but please let me know if more details are needed...

    My family is in the process of relocating between states, and the drive time is approximately 12-14 hours. We are trying to make it all in one day, but an overnight stay may be necessary, which would add an additional 6-7 hours to the trip.

    We have 6 goldfish to transport, ranging in size from about 6" long to about 1". The 6" is the hardier pond type goldfish (long, slender body) and is actually the daddy of the other 5. One of the smaller goldfish is more of a fancy with the round body shape.

    So my question is the best method for transportation? I am assuming they should be bagged individually - my main concern is the best way to protect from sloshing and the fish banging against the sides of their bags, and if they will have enough air in the bags for this long of a time. Water quality is a concern too I know, but if I don't feed them the day before I think that will be okay, especially since goldfish are fairly hardy. Ynez, the 6" goldfish is also about 8 years old, should I be concerned about his age?

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    Thanks, this matches with a lot of the information I have found online already.