Lonely Neon Tetra

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by FishyJ, May 24, 2019.

  1. FishyJ New Member Member

    I have recently upgraded to a 38 gallon tank from a 10 gallon tank.
    I have very low stocking in the 38 thus am in the process of getting more fish.
    Mostly I am getting more otocinclus and neon tetras to have a larger group than what I have now for the 38 g.
    So currently in my 10 gallon qt tank I have 4 otocinclus and one neon tetra. The oto's seem to be holding up pretty well but I purchased 4 neon tetras from a big box store (my first mistake) because there were none at the usual place I go. Well of course 3 died by the next morning :(. Took the 3 dead bodies back to the store and got my money back on them. Now I have a lone tetra in my 10 gallon with 4 otos. The place I like to purchase my fish wont be making an order until Monday and will not be getting them til Friday.
    Do you think the lone tetra will be ok until then by himself or should I go find him a friend or 2 somewhere else?
    There really are not a lot of decent options close by me unless I wanted to drive 30 minutes to the really big place (Fish Gallery). Which I don't know if I want to do and tote 3 summer break crazy kids with me as well haha. Any advice for my lonely Neon Tetra? Will he be ok for a week or should I worry about him while in QT?

  2. Morpheus1967 Well Known Member Member

    That's really odd. Are you sure it was because of where you purchased them? I have fully stocked a 20 gallon and a 75 gallon with fish from Petsmart and not had a single loss. Just want to make sure that's the issue.
  3. FishyJ New Member Member

    I think the problem was they just received the fish that day so they were already under stress. The ones he caught for me two were very tiny (to the point I felt I would need to leave them in the 10 gallon until they got a little bigger to join the group). So my thinking is that with all the moving it was just a lot of stress.
    I acclimated them very slowly to temperature and water conditions. My water conditions are very good in the 10 gallon even have BB. The otocinclus (which I did get from a petsmart but a different one than the tetras, better fish keepers there?) are doing fine and the lone neon looks healthy to thus far.
  4. david1978 Fishlore Legend Member

    The neon should be fine for a week or so. The having a school thing is more for their long term needs. We often separate a sick fish to a hospital tank for treatment. So as long as his immediate needs are met (food, good water) it will be fine.
  5. FishyJ New Member Member

    Just an update on poor lonely tetra. Sadly he passed today. I noticed some "fuzz"? on his head and some starting of ich. I started a 20% water change (mostly to get any leftover food he wasn't eating) and was about to start dosing the tank. While filling the bucket with water my daughter came in to me and told me that poor lonely tetra was stuck to the filter. After getting it loose there was no sign of life, it took only minutes for it to have gone from swimming to dead. :(
    I think he was stressed from all the moving from the warehouse to the pet store to my house then when he was all by himself that maybe stressed him out enough to be done. levels in the tank still looked fine.
    My otocinclus in the same tank are doing just fine, watching now for signs of ich, none yet.