lonely barb, i presume... Help

Discussion in 'Barbs' started by Bodessa Barb, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. Bodessa BarbNew MemberMember

    Hi all, great site!
    several weeks ago i decided to buy myself a fluval edge aquarium (which i now regret) because it looked nice instore. it's cycled and well planted around the sides and back so at last i have bought it a fish, an Odessa barb to be precise - again because it looked stunning in the shop. Stupid beginners mistake. He seems okay atm, very active and doesn't hide like i thought he would but surely no fish likes to be on it's own... in about six months i'll be able to get a bigger tank but right now, while he's young, i'm wondering if anyone knows of a suitable tank mate bearing in mind it's only a 6 gallon and there's bound to be territorial issues (unless they become buds?)
    I'm really lost as to what to do and would appreciate any advice and experience thanks.
  2. AlyeskaGirlFishlore VIPMember

    Hello & Welcome to Fishlore!

    We all learn from our mistakes. My advise at this point would be to take back the Barb and get a Betta. Betta would be more suitable for that size tank as the Odessa grows to 3" and can be aggressive. 6 mo is a long way out for a bigger tank. Below I posted the profile on the Barb you have.