Lone female guppy

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by nitefishie, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. nitefishie

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    I'm not sure where to ask this. This seemed the best place to get an answer though!

    16 gallon bowfront

    Current stock:
    2 male Endler/Guppie hybrid
    1 3spot Gourami
    3 Oto

    OK! So, I purchased 6 tiny male guppies for my 16 gallon bow front. (They are in my 50 gallon, in a floating acrylic salad bowl, while they bulk up a bit.)

    To my surprise there were 2 teeny tiny fry! One died, but the other is about the size of a grain of rice now. I'm excited to have this little addition, and proud that it's growing and survived.:;banaman

    I'm starting to have concerns. It is completely brown/transparent. When will I be able to tell what sex it is?

    I'm not against having more fry but with 2 male endlers and 6 male guppies that she will be harassed to death!

    Is this possible or probable?
  2. Eienna

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    Firstly I would make sure you're changing out the water in the bowl VERY frequently.

    I don't know when you'll be able to tell, but very early on the males will be mating with her if it is a she and there is a chance they will exhaust her and perhaps cause her death...not sure what to tell you except maybe switch out some males for females if you don't mind fry?
  3. fishynoob

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    If you have just one female and 7 - 8 possible males that want to mate with her then yes she could quite easily become too harassed and chased to death. As for when you can tell the gender that is usually when they start to show their colours. Usually somewhere between 2 and 3 months although experienced breeders will probably be able to tell sooner. It does depend on how fast they grow which of course depends on water quality temperature what you are feeding them etc etc.
  4. OP

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    It has a sponge filter (not great I know) but I also have a turkey baster that I've been cleaning the bottom with and changing water. Twice a day, probably 10% at a time?

    Could I just add more females?
  5. Eienna

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    Probably, but at the rate they reproduce it could put a strain on your tank's biofilter. Maybe you'll have to rehome it if it's a female? I'd have a hard time doing that, though. (Love my baby molly like crazy!)