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Hi, has anyone got any experience with the Lominie pixie light. (30w), seems to have reasonable reviews for coral growth. I can also get one at a third of the price as a prime.

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Honestly I had never heard of the light prior to today. There are a number of drawbacks to it as compared to the Prime though:

1) AI Prime HD=55 watts vs 30 watts. AI Prime HD has nearly double the power
2) Lomonie has no programming, doesn't even have a timer on the other hand the AI Prime is 100% fully programmable right out of the box
3) Only has 4 channels for lights, the AI Prime HD has 6 so you get broader spectrum options and the AI can borrow power from what you aren't using and give it to what you are using.
4) 12 month warranty with the Lomonie vs 5 year warranty with the AI Prime HD

Honestly if you are looking at a cheaper light that is proven, I would go with a Mars Aqua Black Box. $109 for 165 watt full spectrum light.
Jack B Nimble
I had one of their pendant lights it was 20000 lux when I bought it 8 months ago then last week I tested it now 300 lux. Amazon gave me refund as no support from the company.

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