Loki jumped. And now Weiryn is paying.

  1. Firefly's Love Member Member

    I did a water change today, one that involved stripping the tank, and going down to an inch of water above the gravel (as part of my ongoing battle with cyano). I went downstairs, and come back two hours or so later to find Loki has jumped the divider and is now kissing Weiryn. I panicked, but luckily there was a net sitting right beside the tank. I stuck it between them and managed to scoop Loki out of the tank and back to his own side.

    I know all this was because I filled it up and forgot to put on the jump barrier. Weiryn looks AWFUL. I had literally just done a water change, so the water was clean and vitachemed, but I poured a bunch of stress coat in as well. Here are some pictures of my lovely combatants. The first one is of them before, and the second is Weiryn after. Most of the damage is contained to his fins, I didn't see any body wounds on either of them. Loki's tail is a little frayed, as are both their pectoral fins. But they're both still swimming around. Unfortunately, I have no other housing options for them, so I'm going to have to leave the water level low and the jump barrier on. Sigh.

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  2. pirahnah3 Fishlore VIP Member

    sorry to hear the kids had an argument, I'm sure you will have them back to good condition in no time.
  3. Firefly's Love Member Member

    I think Weiryn was already mad at me for putting him in Loki's side accidentally when I was putting them back in. Or Loki sensed Weiryn's essence in his crib and took it out on Weiryn's poor tail.

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