Lobster Food And Ghost Shrimp Question

Discussion in 'Blue Lobster' started by Chillin, May 20, 2018.

  1. ChillinValued MemberMember

    Was wondering how often they really eat 'soild' foods
    i haven't tried any veggies
    but i get feeder fish for him, 5 last about a week or so
    and when hes sitting out i try to drop a sinking wafer in from of him he will pick up half the time
    iv recently added ghost shrimp to aid in the clean up of the tank cause last time the water got toxic the big guy ate all his foods..
    mine seems to try and flair up and seem tough, and picking up rocks and holding while trying to attack? lol idk any one seen stuff similar?
    i think its a dude

    so what kinda veggies can i feed?
    how often should they eat?
    how often do they molt?
    thoughts of the shrimp with the blue? (though they'd be a nice snack as well) but for the clean ups and such?
  2. Crafty CichlidWell Known MemberMember

    I can't answer all of your questions, but I'll do my best.

    Lifting rocks and stuff, is probably foraging activity. Or it's looking for a hole to live in, if there isn't an adequate hide (what you decide is adequate is of little consequence to beast such as this, best provide multiple options for him to reject before settling for the least-substandard option)

    Feeder fish are a good choice if they're dumb enough to get caught.

    to prevent toxic waters, promptly remove uneaten food - especially carcasses

    Put stuff in and see what he eats. He'll probably prefer foods made with meat.

    They're kinda like the cockroaches of the water world, and eat whatever crap, including literal crap, they can find.

    Molting depends on type of foods, feelings of safety, and a decision to be bigger.
  3. ChillinValued MemberMember

    the feeder fish are little gold fish, since they are somewhat bottom feeders as well
    i try to help predation some times when seems he hasn't eaten, tho he does not need much help
    i drop a sinking wafer down when the fish can see it and when he is sitting out
    i also give the fish a little chance with Little flake food at the top too, cant have total mayhem, yet cant flood the tank with uneaten foods also
    sorry for any goldfish lovers but lobsters need fresh food :)
  4. 2006fuzzValued MemberMember

    My crayfish/lobster doesn't tend to go after the feeders unless desperate. Too much work he says. I keep mine fed on a steady diet of algae wafers, they're high in iodine which is good for their shells. He doesn't go directly for the wafer, and tends to wait till the light is closed to eat.

    -I haven't tried fresh veggies with him, he's too much fo a picky eater, but the rest of my tanks enjoy zuchinni.
    -My boy is fed everyday, UNLESS he didn't touch the day befores wafer. In that case I skip the feeding and wait another 24 hours before refeeding and removing the dissolved wafer.
    -Molting is an odd thing, they tend to molt more frequently when smaller and it slows down as they age.
  5. JLeeMWell Known MemberMember

    I keep some feeder minnows in with mine. He goes through moods with them. He'll eat one a day for a while and then stop. He always ramps this behavior up when he gets new ones. He also loves algae wafers, shrimp pellets, and zucchini. I've also seen him eat a ghost shrimp, but they seem really hard for him to catch.


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