loach suggestions

  1. JDoty76 Initiate Member

    I am looking for suggestions for either a larger loach that is ok by itself or maybe paired, or loaches that are ok in smaller groups. I say this because I will be getting close to my bioload once I am fully stocked. They also need to be compatible with the semi-agressive barb tank mates. Additionally I am concerned about the bottom dwelling nature of them with the catfish or fox that I will be adding. Thoughts, comments? Thanks.
  2. RogueAgent94 Fishlore Legend Member

    Well the type of loach and group size depends on what your stock is going to be when your finished with it. What are you planning for the tank? What type of aquascape ect will you have?

    I believe that the Redtail Loach (Botia modesta) does well on its own. It is also looks nice when it colors up fully.
  3. JDoty76 Initiate Member

    My profile is up to date, including future plans, and this is for my 55 gl. I only have the danios in now, plecos are coming out of qt this weekend. Loaches will be next unless I cant decide what to stock, then I will go with the barbs. Asian cat, f fox, or RTS will be last. I have driftwood, a rock cave, and plenty of live plants for now.
  4. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    Do you plan on upgrading the filtration? With your plans, you are not near the stocking capacity for the tank, but you are right that your filter won't be able to handle a large bioload.

    I have zebra loaches in my 55 semi aggressive community, and they fit right in. 5 giant danios, 9 colombian tetras, 4 tiger barbs (time to re-up the school again...), 7 zebra loaches, a pair of chanchito cichlids and a clown pleco.
  5. pirahnah3 Fishlore VIP Member

    If your looking for the flying fox for any algae control it wont, I was looking into them in thoughts they were close in relation to the SAE but alas only in color.

    As for the loaches what are you trying to achieve? Are you just looking for cleanup? do you want snail control? do you just want another fish? Also, why a loach?
  6. JDoty76 Initiate Member

    I am going for a combination of sotheast asian biotope with the added benefit of some purpose for some of the fish, i.e. the danios helped stabilize the water conditions with the help of filter media from an established tank, the plecos can help with the algae, loaches for snails. I am also taking into consideration their preferred areas in the tank. Danios at the top, barbs in the middle, loaches at the bottom with the cat or fox. If I went with the rts, that was going to be my focus fish, but I am leaning towards the asian cat now.
  7. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    While the Botia Modesta is beautiful It's need for others of it's own kind and potential size( 10 inches) make it unsuitable for your tank.

    Mine were very active and dominated the bottom as well as the upper water column in my 75g.

    The majority of loaches need to be in groups to be happy as well as display their natural habits.
    Here's a great place to research any loaches you may like to check on

    I would suggest 3 or 4 yoyos, Botia striata, or a group of chain loaches(Yasuhikotakia sidthimunk).
  8. JDoty76 Initiate Member

    Thank you for all of your suggestions. Now I have a question about substrate. Most of the articles I have read about the species selected advises fine, sandy substrate. I have a gravel/flourite mix. Will this be suitable for loaches or would it be preferred to change the substrate?
  9. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    All fish prefer sand. As long as the substrate is smooth, it should be fine.
  10. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    My loaches have done equally as well on sand or gravel. I think your substrate will be fine.
    Have you decided what type of Loach you want ?
  11. bruch.charlie Initiate Member

    I have yo yo loaches in all my tanks they do really well. In my 56 gal i have 4 yo yo loaches with 5 cory cats they all do great. I have plenty of hiding places and plants for then to play in. They are very active and alot of fun to watch. They keep the bottom of the tank very clean
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  12. JDoty76 Initiate Member

    Thank you for all of the suggestions, and the reassurance that I do not need to change my substrate. I think I am going to go with 3-4 yoyo loaches.