Loach possibly unwell? Help

  1. x20mike Initiate Member

    I have 2 clown loaches purchased at around the same time, about 3 years ago.
    Lately one has grown larger than the other and has grown a large belly and has gone a darker colour than the other. The second is straight along it underside and is definitely brighter in colour.
    Both appear happy enough.

    They're in a general mixed tank, with a couple of Plecks (that have grown a bit larger than I'd like) and a few smaller barbs (golden barbs,etc).
    I've never had any problems with infections or anything else.

    I did wonder if one loach was pregnant but I've read that they are virtually impossible to breed in a small tank like mine.
    Any ideas?
  2. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    The larger Clown Loach may very well be a female(they do occasionally fill with eggs) although they have never been bred in home aquaria.
    What size is your tank? They do get quite large and need lots of swimming/sleeping/hiding places.
  3. x20mike Initiate Member

    Its a Jewel tank, pretty sure its 120 litres. Can't remember the exact model, but its about 3 feet long by 12" deep and 18" high, sorry I'm not by the tank as I'm writing this.
    I've had it about 5/6 years and it has the standard Jewel filter system in one corner of the tank.
    One of my loaches' favorite activities is to swim into the water flowing out of the pump outlet.

    I am concerned about a couple of my fish getting too big for the tank. In particular I have 2 plecks, one is about 5" long now, but I don't know how to get rid of it. I've tried the local aquarium stores and they don't want them.
  4. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Sounds like a 30 gallon long. I have two of those :) Nice tanks but unfortunarely they aren't suitable for Clown Loaches for long.
    Mine are in a 75g with two filters on it and they do love to do like yours and swim through the over flow.
  5. x20mike Initiate Member

    Here are some pics of my loaches, not very clear I'm afraid. The first is the one with the fat belly and darker colour and the second that I consider to be more "normal" looking.

    Perhaps its just the greedy one that ate all the pies.

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  6. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

  7. x20mike Initiate Member

    Thanks a lot Carol, you've put my mind at ease regarding the current health of my loaches, but it has made me think about getting a larger tank. Just need to talk my wife round to the idea:)
  8. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    A larger tank would be great. If your clowns are like mine they would be hard to get rid of at this stage. They are so intelligent andd mine eat from my hands and beg for food like puppies
  9. kloseo Well Known Member Member

    i too have clown loaches (4) and the dominant larger one looks just like yours.... they are beautiful, and look healthy enjoy
  10. x20mike Initiate Member

    New larger tank planned early next year. Then hope to get a couple more clown loaches, they are definitely my favorite fish.

    Blimey Kloseo, impressive Aquarium Info you've got there!

    Thanks for the comments.
    Mike :)